Say hello to our newest members of the Copperfox family, our Copperfox Ambassadors.

Copperfox Ambassadors are our officially approved representatives who attend selected model horse and equine events, all over the world, with a range of Copperfox models that you can see in person and purchase. Models are purchased directly from Copperfox Ambassadors, who are individuals helping us to spread the word and share the love for our models all around the globe. Our objective is to bring Copperfox Model Horses direct to you, at events where you can meet like minded people, who share the same interest in our unique model horse world.

The biggest benefit of purchasing a model through one of our wonderful Copperfox Ambassadors is that you can see our Copperfox models in person, choosing and selecting the model you would like. Plus there is no waiting for the postman or delivery man to bring you your new model for your collection!

Our Copperfox Ambassadors will each have a selection of our Limited Edition Copperfox Models at the shows and events they attend, with models being presented and boxed in their unique Union Jack Collectors boxes, accompanied by their Certificates of Authenticity. Selected Copperfox Ambassadors will also have a range of Copperfox Seconds Models, in addition to Copperfox Merchandise and Memorabilia.

Without further ado, please say hello and meet our Copperfox Ambassadors. A full and combined list of upcoming events for all Copperfox Ambassadors can be found here. Over on our Copperfox Ambassadors Facebook Group you will also find details of events and live shows that our Copperfox Ambassadors are attending, in addition to news, updates and pictures.

If you are interested in becoming a Copperfox Ambassador, please drop us a note and get in touch.

Copperfox Ambassador: Taylor Trent

I received my first model horse in 2003 at a state fair and ever since then I’ve been hooked. I grew up around horses at my relative’s farm and I think that is what really got me obsessed with horses. I attended my first model horse show in 2010 and I now regularly travel to 7 shows a year at least. I mainly attend shows in region 5 but I do love to travel around. I am a huge nerd and I live for anything creative. I am an avid customizer of model horses and I’ve been airbrushing since February 2016. I purchased my first Copperfox in August 2016, a blank canvas Irish Sports Horse. Ever since I picked him up from the post office and opened him, I was hooked. Irish Dawn as I named him is my go to performance horse for every show. I love to travel and traveling with a car full of model horses is my favorite way. I am honored to be a part of the Copperfox Ambassador team.
— Taylor Trent

Taylor's Upcoming Shows:

9th September 2017: Mid Kansas Live Show (Rose Hill, Kansas, USA)

Copperfox Ambassador: Jaime Bridge

Horses have been my life since I was very little. My obsession first started with unicorns, I’m sure like a lot of young girls. I loved unicorns. That unicorn obsession slowly grew to everything equine. My favourite horse toys as a young child were my complete set of The Saddle Club horses that had the movable neck that made the horse paw the ground or something like that. (I can’t find photos of them but I know mine are in the garage somewhere).

My first model horse was a a Red Roan Pinto on the Andalusian Stallion mould. He was a gift from my grandparents - I loved toy shopping! Now I have my own plastic pony army. I enjoy live showing and I love the collecting side of the hobby - too many of my own have love marks on them.

I feel honoured to be a Copperfox Ambassador and I’m excited about the possibilities this will open up for Australia
— Jaime Bridge

Jaime's Upcoming Shows:
2nd July 2017: West Coast Live All Performance Show (Guildford Town Hall)
10th September 2017: West Coast Live Diamond Anniversary Show (Guildford Town Hall)
15th October 2017: West Coast Live Our Big Birthday Bash All Performance Show (Guildford Town Hall)

Copperfox Ambassador: Betsy Valley

My parents gave me my first model horse when I was 9 years old. It only took one model horse and I was hooked! Shortly thereafter, I attended my first model horse show in Wisconsin. At the model horse show purchased I purchased my first custom model horse. She was Clydesdale Mare named Lucky Lady who was customized bay with a mohair mane, tail and feathers. I was drawn to the realism of the then trending mohair manes and tails on customs. I quickly began to focus my model horse collection on customs. To date, my collection consists of approximately 100 custom finish model horses created by a wide variety of artists from all over the world.

I live in Crescent City, California which is located on the border of Oregon and California. Crescent City offers a unique blend of ocean beaches and majestic groves of Redwood trees. Crescent City is very remote but provides me the unique opportunity of attending model horse shows in Washington, Oregon and California.

While I only own a few original finish horses, I was particularly impressed with the realism and quality of Copperfox horses. I have never seen a factory finish horse so close in quality and characteristics to that of a custom model horse. Copperfox might make an original finish collector of me yet!
— Betsy Valley

Betsy's Upcoming Shows:
9th June 2017: Booth 4602 at the Western States Horse Expo, Sacramento, CA.

Copperfox Ambassadors: Jo-Anne & Jade Baker

Jade and I are a mother and daughter team who have both been competitively involved with horses since a young age. We breed Welsh Mountain Ponies, Australian Ponies and re-educate ex-race throughbreds to begin a new life as show horses. We first became aware of the model horse world in 2013 when we started selling model horses at our Saddlery Store. After researching the model horse hobby we couldn’t believe how exciting the hobby looked and we just had to join the fun!

Performance showing is what has excited us the most about the hobby; we are definitely “Performance Junkies”! We do enjoy all aspects of model horse showing especially meeting so many wonderful people that share the same passion that we do. Jade and I have been closely watching the development of the Copperfox Model Horses, they have so many performance possibilities but what really excited us was the quality and care that goes into producing each and every model, you can see and feel the love! We are extremely honoured and excited to join the Copperfox Ambassador Team. We honestly cannot wait to share these gorgeous models with our fellow Aussies, hope to see you at a show soon!
— Jo-Anne & Jade Baker

Jo-Anne and Jade's Upcoming Shows:
10th-11th June 2017: Orange Blossom Live, Dubbo RSL, New South Wales, Australia

Copperfox Ambassador: Natalie Rieck

I’ve been collecting model horses ever since my Grandma gave me my first model for my 5th birthday and the model horse hobby has been a part of my life ever since. Although I’ve been collecting for years, my experience with showing has only been very limited but I have enjoyed it immensely and have been quite successful. This year I plan to attend most of the shows in western Oregon and Washington and am honored to be able to bring Copperfox Horses along for the ride!

As a Copperfox Ambassador for Region 1, I look forward to sharing the beauty and quality of these models with my fellow collectors in the Pacific Northwest. I have at least one of each mold in my own collection and consider them to be some of the finest models I have ever owned. I know you will all understand why I’m so excited about these new models after you have been able to see them in person and appreciate how nicely made they are! I can’t wait to display them at a show near you, starting with N.W. Expo in Corvallis! Hope to see you there!
— Natalie Rieck

Natalie's Upcoming Shows:

3rd June 2017- Region 1 Championship Show, WA

Copperfox Ambassador: Barrie Getz

My entire world revolves around my horses... whether they are figurative or in living form. I remember growing up as a child, the very first time I sat on a pony; it was love at first sight, and the start of a lifetime career with our equine friends. In the real equine community, I am a US breeder/owner/ambassador for the Danish Knabstruppers, and I wake up every day with the pleasure of introducing our unusual and unique breed to society. As a model hobbyist, i’ve been collecting since I was six, and I still have my first few models, as a constant reminder of where my origins began. My love for real horses and models, has always run parallel. Today, my model collection sits in excess of 2,300 figures; from all walks of international origins and types; something i’m quite proud of, and thoroughly enjoy.... but becoming part of something greater within the hobby, has always been a lifelong goal of mine.

This past spring, I made the venture north to Oregon, for the renown Western States Expo; where I encountered my first real-world experience with Copperfox model horses. It was there, where I purchased my first of them; a Superman model whom later became known as “Whizzer” within the showing community, for his hilarious show-ring debut. He caught more than just my eye that first day, he captured my soul.

To every one of the collectors who come out to meet the Copperfox family, I hope I can help you find that part of your soul, you never knew might be missing. :-) They’re more than just model horses... they’re a reflection of our dreams. To my cohorts in Region 2.... get ready for these wonderful horses to trot into your life, very soon! Cheers!
— Barrie Getz

Barrie's Upcoming Shows:

10th June 2017: Golden West Jamboree in Norco, CA
17th June 2017: MIM 2017 Tiburcio Vasquez Challenge Chilao,  in La Canada, CA