Our magazine is a model horse publication that every Copperfox owner can access free of charge. It is an extra benefit that comes from owning a Copperfox Model Horse. The free online magazine will automatically be available here, in addition to galloping straight into your inbox as and when they are released.

The aim of this free magazine is to provide inspiration, showing you what you can do with your Copperfox models, in addition to promoting the unique model horse hobby and it's many aspects. Each issue is a mixture of model horse themed articles, step-by-step tutorials, looks at our models from behind the scenes and also informative features about the wonderful equine world. It's a bi-monthly magazine (released every two months) with each issue having a different theme and model focus.

Please click on the images below to download your copy of the magazine. Each issue is a PDF download enabling you to read it on your digital devices, as well as print it out in hard copy if required. Happy Reading!

Volume 4:
- Creating Trifle
- Exmoor Pony Breed
- Behind the Scenes: Exmoor Pony
- Repainting & Customising a Copperfox
- Photo Show & Collectors Corner
- Artist Spotlight: Elizabeth Bouras

Volume 3:
- Eventing 101
- Sharon Hunt Interview
- Behind the Scenes: Irish Sports Horse
- Eventing Accessories Tutorials
- Photo Show & Collectors Corner
- Artist Spotlight: Elzbieta Zarzecka

Volume 1
- Showing Welsh Cobs
- Tutorial: In Hand Bridle:
- Team Rosanna Interview
- Understanding Driving Harness
- The Story Behind the Scene
- Artist Spotlight: Charlotte Pijenburg

Volume 2:
- Equestrian Vaulting
- Pictures from our Travels
- Copperfox Connemara Conversion
- Rosette Tutorial
- Creating Copperfox Rugs
- Artist Spotlight: Anne Healion