... and the Winner is..? Copperfox February Photo Show Results

Our first Copperfox Photo Show was launched back last month, with the theme of Jumping which, as a little behind the scenes detail, was linked to the release of our Cross Country themed issue of our Utterly Horses Magazine. There is always a reason!

Our inaugural show drew so many entries, we were a little surprised and totally wowed by the response! There were so many creative entries, with many different jumping themed disciplines being shown, from showjumping to cross country, bareback jumping to schooling- even a couple of refusal entries and horses jumping free in the mix too.

Firstly, I would like to say a HUGE well done to everyone who entered. You all are extremely creative, with oodles of talent and vision. Your photography skills have to be mentioned too. Beautiful angles, backgrounds and lots of details that make entries look real, you have to look twice! Well Done everyone!

So, now comes the exciting bit. Who is the winner of our February Photo Show? The winner is:


We loved this entry and all the details that were crammed into the scene from the little numbers on the tack and jump to the riders stopwatch and gloves. Not only does the horse look like he could easily jump over the obstacle, he is outfitted in all the correct tack and attire for the job. The tack fits well, and does not impede his movement. His rider has a wonderful position too and you can imagine them both preparing for the big leap, before galloping off to tackle the next jump on the cross country course!

runner up of the copperfox february photo show

This entry we had to look twice at, it looks so real! A beautiful image, taken from an interesting angle, this entry also has lots of detail, from the superb horse and rider attire colour co-ordination, complete with matching over reach boots to smaller details like the rubber bit guards. We've never seen those in model horse form before!

runner up of the copperfox february photo show

We wanted to include this entry as a Runner Up, not only because it is a wonderful entry all round, but also because of the ingenious use of fishing thread/wire to suspend the model over the jump, making the model "jump" unaided, without the use of a base of acrylic rod. Simply amazing and very, very clever! Well done!

A big thank you to everyone who entered. Keep on being creative and taking pictures of your models. Our theme for March is a Stable Scene, so get your thinking caps on and see what you can create.

Be creative, Let your imaginaton run wild and most importantly, have fun!
- Becky

All of the photos entered into the competition can be found below (just click on each one to make them larger).