The First Model Unveiled: "Finnigan"

The first Model to be unveiled as part of our Copperfox 2016 range is "Finnigan".

Finnigan is a fiery chestnut with four white socks and a blaze created on our newer Irish Sports Horse Mould. This striking model is limited to 250 pieces worldwide, comes in an exclusive collectors box, complete with a hand-signed certificate and biography. He is priced at £69.95 and will be available to purchase online and at the Copperfox Tour Events (and remember, visitors to our tour events will receive 10% off retail prices of both models and merchandise). Online sale date to be determined soon.

All the images, below, of Finnigan are of the plastic original finish model; not his prototype, resin nor sample. We just took a few pictures of Finnigan, fresh out of his box, with no touch-ups, editing or tweaking to the images. Just simple pictures of this beautiful model, showing his true colour- complete with a slightly creased background/footing too!! Please click on the images to get a larger picture. Enjoy!!

- Becky