The 2017 Copperfox Tour Dates are Unveiled!

The list of 2017 Copperfox Tour Dates have officially been announced, and wow, this year, we're going to be busy! We have 16 Copperfox UK tour stops planned, 4 Live shows to attend (hosted by lovely people- thank you for letting us come!) and 1 big trip across the pond to Lexington in Kentucky (USA) for the annual model horse festivities. It's going to be an action packed year!!

Here is the complete list of events:

- Copperfox Yorkshire Tour Stop: 25th March 2017
- Copperfox Worcestershire Tour Stop: 22nd April 2017
- Copperfox Wiltshire Tour Stop: 23rd April 2017
- Copperfox Stirling Tour Stop: 30th April 2017
- Copperfox Northumberland Tour Stop: 1st May 2017
- Copperfox Nottinghamshire Tour Stop: 28th May 2017
- Copperfox Essex Tour Stop: 29th May 2017
- Copperfox Surrey Tour Stop: 24th June 2017
- Copperfox Warwickshire Tour Stop: 25th June 2017
- Copperfox Oxfordshire Tour Stop: 23rd July 2017
- Copperfox Shropshire Tour Stop: 23th September 2017
- Copperfox Lincolnshire Tour Stop: 24th September 2017
- Copperfox Gloucestershire Tour Stop: 28th October 2017
- Copperfox Hampshire Tour Stop: 29th October 2017
- Copperfox Devon Tour Stop: 25th November 2017
- Copperfox Somerset Tour Stop: 26th November 2017

- Copperfox USA Tour Stop: 13th-16th July 2017

- Copperfox Visiting: East Dorset Live: 14th May 2017
- Copperfox Visiting: Mad Madness Live Show: 20th May 2017
- Copperfox Visiting: Creativity Live Show: 22nd July 2017
- Copperfox Visiting: BMECS: 1st October 2017

We've plotting the UK based events roughly on the map, below. Which one is near you? For full details of each tour stop, together with specific locations and ticket availability, please trot on over to our website here.


Like 2016, all Tour stops feature a mini live show in the morning. There are 25 classes of In Hand, Performance and Fun classes with rosettes and ribbons being awarded in each class. There is even a glossy Copperfox Prize Model for each of the section Champions (In-Hand and Performance). In the afternoon we have a chance to paint some mini models as well as having a go at something else. We haven’t quite figured out what the "something else" is exactly is yet but we're sure we'll come up with something different. Please also send in your suggestions and ideas!!

So, please if there is an event near you, do come along, join in the fun and meet other like minded people. And of course come and meet the herd of famous Copperfox Horses! Our current range will be coming with us on tour- Welsh Cobs Celtic Warrior, Bailey, Percivals and Sovereign, Connemaras Lakeview Knight, Cadno, Caramac and Marble, Ponies Trifle and Henrietta, not forgetting Superman and Finnigan our Irish Sports Horses. Bertie our tour model will be trotting along too (whilst stocks last).

It's going to be great fun! See you all soon
- Becky