4 Copperfox Models Unveiled, 6 to go!

Copperfox Finnigan (A quick outside picture and completely unedited, without the background removed. Twigs look like massive logs!!)

It's been a great few weeks, with four Copperfox Models being officially unveiled as part of the 2016 Herd. We have another 6 to be unveiled- and then there is Bertie, the tour horse.

So, this makes 11 Copperfox Model Horses in total. 10 of these models will be available to everyone, being sold online and at our tour events and the 11th horse, Bertie (the part bred Welsh Cob), will only be obtainable from visiting our UK tour events in person. All 10 models will go onto presale online late March 2016, to ship in April 2016. For Tour events, models will be available to purchase in person so if your attending our Yorkshire, Shropshire or Wiltshire stops you will be some of the first Copperfox owners.

To confirm, all models, including Bertie, are limited to 250 pieces, come certificated and presented in their own collectors box. They are collectibles and not toys. As someone rightly said on a model horse forum earlier this week, our home is on the bit of grass in-between the other two 1:9th scale plastic model horse manufacturers

My inbox has been quite full with questions about availability which is extremely encouraging. I think we will have to get a map to stick pins it so we can see where all the models are galloping to! We will be able to ship models anywhere in the world. There is no limits to were we can ship and to what; before now we have shipped to oil rigs and exotic islands (sadly we couldn't hand deliver them to the exotic islands!). Postage costs are something we are looking into at the moment and are aiming to get something economical but most importantly traceable and efficient. It's quite a mine field with so many options and possibilities! Something we also aim to also offer is the ability for you to arrange your own shipping of the models, therefore choosing your desired courier, shipping method and preference. Sometimes individuals can get a better price than we can as a company, which is slightly backwards but weirdly true!

Also, I thought you might like to a couple of pictures of the unveiled Copperfox Models so far. These are the PLASTIC models, as they are produced. The pictures are taken outside (and then the backgrounds removed; seeing giant bits of grass in the background is never good!) but there is no other editing to the pictures. Just pictures of our beautiful plastic ponies.

Copperfox Model "Lakeview Knight"

Copperfox Model "Cadno"

.....and as it's Friday, how about a little sneaky peek at a model that is due to be unveiled next week? Enjoy! Have a great weekend and catch up next week, with more models, news and behind the scenes goodness!!

- Becky

 Guess Who?

Guess Who?