Copperfox UK Tour Dates

I don't think we have ever been so excited waiting for a new year to begin. We are literally counting down the days until 2016 and Copperfox Model Horses can fly out of the starting gate. We're under starters orders at the moment, poised and ready to GO!

2016 not only brings new models but a Copperfox Tour too. 9 events around the UK that each feature a workshop, a live show, fun, games and of course lots of model horses. A fun filled day for model horse lovers.

Here is a list of the dates of each tour event, together with their locations:

26th March 2016: West Yorkshire, Harrogate

28th March 2016: Shropshire, Shrewsbury

9th April 2016: Wiltshire, Swindon

17th April 2016: Devon, Launceston

2nd May 2016: Scotland, Stirling

15th May 2016: Kent, Edenbridge

21st May 2016: Essex, Saffron Walden

30th May 2016: Cumbria, Carlisle

11th June 2016: Northampton

We've even added them on the map so you can see where they roughly are:

Which one is near you?

Full details and ticket details for the UK tour events will be announced soon. We are just finalising a couple of surprises, erm, I mean features of the events, and hope to unveil everything as soon as we can.

Some things i can say is that the whole CF herd of models will be available to purchase at each event, in addition to an exclusive tour only model. The tour model can only be purchased at tour events and will not be available online. Just one of the reasons to join in the fun!

And don't worry! We haven't forgotten about our US tour stop either! This one is taking a little time to organise due to the amount of logistics involved. I don't think we'll be able to coax all the models into suitcases...!