Straight from the Horses Mouth


Woohoo!! It's begun! The first model in the grand unveiling has been released and i thought it would be, what's the word, insightful to hear what I thought about it all. What's it like on the other side, so to speak? One word sums it up the process in a little parcel (with a bow of course): Nervous!!

I've lived with these models for what seems like forever, their are my extending family in a weird and wonderful way and like an artist or author showing someone their work for the first time, it's was a bit nerve-racking. The models are a collaboration of my ideas, my dreams and plans, together with the talents of amazing sculptors, artists and then of course our factory with their team of mould makers, technical hands and painters. A huge group effort. What would everyone think of our teamwork?

You would have laughed, hysterically, if you could have seen me when the news went out; in hindsight maybe I should have posted a panic stricken selfie? (!!) My computer was pinging every time something happened, and for a while I didn't want to look, which for many will sound very stupid. It is, but i am human, so i do silly human things like everyone else (yes, i sing in the shower too!). Like an author or artist unveiling their work, there is that underlying hope that everyone LOVES it and you steel yourself for those who don't see it as you do. It's a preset function (and one that you can't turn off. Well, if you can, i haven't found the on/off button!).

Finnigan was chosen as the first model to be unveiled, in his wonderful fiery chestnut colourway. It was absolutely tremendous to read everyone comments, thoughts and feedback on the unveiling. I did have to do a little happy dance. You love them as much as I do! :-)

The best news is that Finnigan is even more beautiful in person. Pictures cannot convey what it's like to hold a Copperfox model, see their finish (and shading!!) with your own eyes, feel their weight, to view the model from all the weird and wonderful angles. The Irish Sports Horse is our biggest mould, being a 17hh horse compared to a 14hh pony, and has earnt him the nickname "King Horse" at our factory. He even has a King sized box to match!!

Admist the positive comments, there were some that weren't too sure- and i totally understand and recognize those opinions. Feedback like "The models are more than I expected", "That colour looks flat" and "I will be only able to buy one" I completely acknowledge and would like to offer some information and explanations as to why things are like they are. It won't necessary change anything but it's a good chance for me to ramble for a bit!!

Our range, at the moment, has two prices points. The Irish Sports Horse model is priced at £69.95 and the ponies (Exmoor, Welsh and Connemara) are priced at £59.95 each. Each model is limited to 250 pieces and come in a wonderful collectors box with additional goodies and certification. They are collectibles, not toys, and are detailed replicas of breeds of horse and ponies we all know and love.

Our models are not mass produced. We do not produce thousands of any one colour. Each model is limited to 250 pieces and one all those models are sold, that mould/colour combination will never be reproduced. We're about small runs. Limited but not so tiny or bespoke that the price is not affordable. Neither are we about mass production, where models are produced in their thousands, or even tens of thousands, with a price that doesn't reflect the work involved. That's not what we do nor what our vision is.

Our vision is to simply to create quality models of British breeds of horses and ponies for collectors and horse lovers worldwide to collect and cherish. We would like our customers to enjoy each model they purchase, to create memories with them, for them to be treasured, collected and cared for. With Copperfoxes being priced differently to "similar" plastic models, it might mean that some people won't be able to purchase as many as they would like, but that doesn't mean the experience of owning one would be any different. The experience of being a Copperfox owner is the same if you have one or twenty. It's not about how many you own.

<yawn> it's time to sign off for the night. It has been a long rollercoaster of a day and it's time to catch up on some Zzzzs before tomorrows excitement! As you can see (or read), nerves induces tiredness!

A HUGE thank youto everyone who gave feedback, comments and opinions on Finnigan today- it was great to hear what you think, to good, the bad and the bits in-between. I hope you enjoy more pictures of the lovely Finnigan tomorrow, and even more when you meet one in person.

- Becky

P.S: I always wonder what everyone really thinks about a new model horse manufacturer popping out of nowhere. Is it a bit odd (or exhilarating?). Maybe a question for another day?