What's happening at Copperfox?

You have galloped onto the Copperfox Website but you can't find any models to purchase? Have you come to the right place? The simple answer is yes, you have come to the right place and the good news is that you have not missed anything.

At the moment we do not have any models to sell as they are currently being manufactured. This process takes many months to complete from start to finish, and the good news is that we are nearing the end of this process. We are aiming to have our full range on models available for sale in March 2016 and as this date approaches, purchasing information and prices will appear on our website.

There will be 11 different models released, across 4 different horse shapes. We have the Welsh Cob, Connemara and Exmoor Pony moulds, aswell as the striking Irish Sports Horse who is the largest of our four moulds. Please visit the meet the models section of our website to see pictures of each mould and a little information behind each of them.

In the meantime,  please keep an eye on our website here for details, or sign up to our newsletter using the form (right) to be informed of when the models are available to purchase, in addition to all the news and pictures from behind the scenes. We get up to lots of things! Some of our recent highlights are below: