A Quartet of Copperfoxes and Two New Pennies

The new additions to the Copperfox herd have officially been unveiled; Copperfox Cadbury, Prince Cavalier, Jasper, Gibson and our first pair of Copperfox Decorators, Half Penny and Farthing have made their debut in the world! It's a very Autumnal mix of horsey colours, from the chocolatey bay of Cadbury and the dusky sooty colour of Prince Cavalier, to the tempest that is Gibson and the ray of sunshine that Jasper brings. Not forgetting the sprinkling of sparkle added by Half Penny and Farthing too!

So when are these models available? All models are being finished at the factory at the moment. All of the "normal" Copperfoxes, as in Cadbury, Prince Cavalier, Jasper and Gibson, will be available in both matt (150 models) and glossy finishes (150 pieces). Each model is limited to 300 pieces in total and will be accompanied by a certificate confirming this.

Half Penny and Farthing are micro runs, meaning that they limited to just 50 pieces of each. They too, will have certificates confirming their run numbers and details. Half Penny and Farthing are only available in matt finish. Adding gloss makes the colour turn a really shiny red colour, which is not very copperlike at all!!

I'm jetting off to the factory on Sunday to personally inspect, check and pack every single model so we know that each model is as perfect as near enough can be. It's just dawned on me that's 1300 models. Haha! Keep an eye on our social channels for behind the scenes pictures of my adventure. That's the bonus of everyone knowing about these models; I can share pictures from my trip, whilst i'm there! I'll be out there for a week, so please bear with me if you email me or send me a message. There will be a delay in getting back to you as I'm playing with ponies!!! (quite literally!)

Once all the models are packed, safely tucked into their foam boxes and I'm back in the UK, with the good news that everything is all as should be, all the new models will go onto pre-order. Timing wise, they should be with us around Mid November, so we have a busy few weeks coming up and plenty to look forward to!

We hope you like these colours as much as we do. It's hard to believe that we began working on these colourways back in 2016. It seems such a long time ago now. Either way, they finally made it and have now officially joined the Copperfox Collection. Welcome to the herd everybody!

Talk to you all from China with plenty of behind the scenes sneak peeks!

- Becky

Copperfox Cadbury

Copperfox Prince Cavalier

 Copperfox Jasper

Copperfox Jasper

Copperfox Gibson

Copperfox Half Penny (left) and Farthing (right)