A Trip to Visit the New Copperfox Models

Hello Everyone,

It's going to be a couple of months with my passport wondering whether i'm coming or going and trying to figure out what time zone i'm in!! In July, both myself and Sharon (aka the Copperfox Team) are going to Kentucky (USA) to attend the annual model horses festivities in Lexington but before this trip, I have another trip to complete, one which is as equally exciting!

I'm off to visit the new Copperfox Models this Monday. I'm jetting out to visit our factory in China to see and inspect all the models before our two new colourways are coaxed into boxes to start their long journey over the water to their temporary stable here at Copperfox HQ. I have packed plenty of carrots and sugar lumps ready, as well as red apples. One of the models specifically likes red apples- not green or yellow ones!!

Whilst i'm looking forward to visit, i'm bracing myself for the epic adventure! It's a 12 hour plane and 3 hour car journey to reach the factory, so it's one of those all-day-to-get-there trips! It's 4881 miles around the globe from London to Hong Kong, with China being 8 hours in front of London. Looking on the bright side, a 12 hour plane trip is the perfect opportunity to brain storm and plan the future (as well as watch a couple of films, start reading that new book that i've had for ages- and hopefully catch forty winks!!).

As a quick off topic, fun fact for you, did you know that China covers 5 different time zones BUT only actually has one recognized timezone. Weird huh?

Going back to the factory is a big highlight and it's long overdue! I can't wait to see everyone again and catch up with the production and painting team, as well as getting hands on with everything- a bit like a kid in a sweet shop!! I'm aim to post pictures from the factory whilst i'm there or failing that as soon as I get back. I'm sure there will be lots to share, including some sneak peeks and previews of the new colourways. We've been very tight lipped about the new colours but with the approach of their departure date from the factory, we can start to unveil and introduce them. I'm confident that you are going to *love* them. The colourways both feature in polls and wishlists that you have kindly answered, so hopefully we these colours will answer a lot of wishes.

I'm back in the office on Tuesday (27th June) so please bare with me if you send any emails or messages before then. There will be a little delay in replying whilst I catch up with everything.

Have a great weekend and catch up soon from the other side of the world :)

- Becky