A Whirlwind of a Week: A Copperfox Recap & Roundup

Have you ever had one of those weeks in which everything seems to happen, where a whirlwind whisks you from Monday to Sunday without you even realizing? I've had one of those weeks and wanted to slow down to recap what's been happening, both for my sake as much as yours! It's so easy for little details and snippets of information to get caught up and lost when you're being carried by the wind, in a blink of an eye!!

So, hang onto your hats, here we go. This is what has been happening this week:

Limited Edition Models:
Our next shipment of Copperfox Model Horses arrives at the end of the month. It's currently on the high seas, somewhere around the Mediterranean at the moment, with the models loving every minute of their month long journey- they like pretending their pirates to pass the time (!). This shipment contains the last production runs of all our current models, as well as a couple of new faces. One is the star of our Copperfox London Event (see below). Numbers wise, there is *just* over 60 pieces of both Sovereign and Finnigan left, and these models are on our incoming delivery. If either of these models are on your wishlist, please lasso one before they sell out, which means a party when they do!

One of the most popular questions is when are we releasing new models and moulds. I would like to say very soon but our future releases are governed by how fast we re-home all our current models. As you can imagine, funding model horse production is not a low cost enterprise! The quicker all our current Limited Edition models sell out, the sooner we will see new colours- and more importantly new moulds. So, I would ask, if there is a Copperfox Limited Edition model that has caught your eye, please give it a loving new home as by doing so you are helping us to move forward and onto the next phase which is new colours and moulds.

All current orders which are holding, awaiting the arrival of this shipment will be despatched as soon as it arrives. I would like to thank you for your patience.

Blank Canvases:
All our Copperfox Blank Canvases are now back in stock and ready for immediate despatch. The Welsh Cob, Connemara Pony, Irish Sports Horse and Exmoor Pony are all available and ready for their unique transformations (and close-ups!).

Custom Competition:
With the Copperfox Blank Canvases being back in stock, it was the right time to launch our "Copperfox Custom Competition" which i've been itching to launch for months! We’re giving away 12 Copperfox Blank Canvas models to 8 winners and runners-up and all you have to do to enter is simply send us a picture(s) of your completed Copperfox Custom Creation. Just click the link to find out more. Good Luck!

London Event:
As you all know, time here at Copperfox is never dull and we always have something in the pipeline. Our London Group Event has been in planning since the beginning of this year and since tickets have gone on sale, only half are left (yay!). On the 19th November 2016, we will visit two museums both with equine connections- the Royal Mews and the Household Calvary Museum, in addition to touring London on a vintage double decker bus seeing the cities famous landmarks and sights. We'll also stop for the best British traditional of all, afternoon tea, at the Cellarium Cafe at the world famous Westminster Abbey. It's an event that is not to be missed!

We've also created a special Copperfox model to complete this fabulous event. Brigadier, in either matt or glossy finishes. Created on our Irish Sports Horse mould, Brigadier is jet black with a thin white stripe on his face and two white socks complete with ermine spots. Brigadier has been created in a run of just 90 models, with 45 models in matt finish and 45 models in glossy. Brigadier is only available by attending our London event is not available at any other tour event or online.

The event is limited to 50 spaces with tickets priced between £90 (without model) to £160 (with model). Want to know more? Trot on over to our webshop to find out more.

Fancy winning yourself a Copperfox Model Horse to add to your collection? Yes please (is what we would say!!) Enter our free competition, no limitations or requirements other than to answer a simple question, for the chance to win Lakeview Knight, our dapple grey Connemara Pony! Good Luck!

CF Tour Stops:
Tickets are still available for most of our upcoming Copperfox Autumn Tour Stops. We have 7 events from now until December (ahh!), with each one featuring a mini live show and afternoon workshop. It's a fun day for all ages and the perfect introduction to the world of model horse live showing. Please remember that tickets are limited at each event, and once sold out we cannot sell more as we are limited by the capacity at each venue. It's one of those book now to avoid disappointment scenarios.

Yes, it's the C word. The word that puts panic into many and in my case, makes me create to-do lists left, right and center not only for work but for home too. I've set myself the challenge to make all my Christmas presents this year including making rag rugs, ties, dresses and some cushion covers.

It's 98 sleeps to Christmas today and there is no reason to panic at all. We've got Christmas covered this year and it's definitely going to be fun being our first Christmas! We have some exciting features planned, that everyone can take part in- and of course there *could* be a new model to celebrate the occasion. My lips are sealed, well, for the moment anyway.

- Becky

 special edition copperfox model horses for our autumn tour. crumpet (left) and lakeview prince (right)

special edition copperfox model horses for our autumn tour. crumpet (left) and lakeview prince (right)