...and the Winner is? Copperfox Photo Show August Results

Our seventh Copperfox Photo Show of the year featured the summery theme of At the Beach. We asked to see pictures of your models enjoying themselves at the beach- and wow, you sent in lots of pictures of your models having a whale of a time!!

Firstly, I would like to say a HUGE well done and thank you to everyone who entered. It's great that you have taken part in this little competition and I hope you enjoyed creating your entries. 

So, now comes the exciting bit. There can only be one winner of our photo show a month, so who is it this time? The Winner of our August Photo Show is:



We loved this entry for it's simplicity, beauty and colours. We have the beach, sea and sunshine together with Copperfox Marble looking fabulous! A wonderful picture that encompasses our August theme perfectly. Well done!

We loved this image of a gorgeous customised Copperfox Welsh Cob (he looks great in this colour!!). He looks like he is having a wonderful time, trotting on the beach and making lots of hoofprints!

Superman looks totally unfazed by the giant wave that he is galloping towards; he is obviously having lots of fun! A brilliant piece of photography too that captures the moment before he gets very wet!


We really liked this entry of Trifle and her rider having a gentle stroll along the beach. The horses tack and riders attire is beautiful, and the setting is glorious! It reminded us of windswept afternoons at the seaside, with fish and chips for tea!


We *loved* this image of Finnigan and his rider enjoying the sea, together with the artistic effects on the waves. It has beautiful lighting and the angle of the picture makes you feel like you are there too. A fabulous entry!

Our Judges favourite entries for the Copperfox August Photo Show are below. These models and their riders looked like they were having tons of fun at the beach, enjoying the sea and the sunshine! We also loved the little model sporting a beach theme coat pattern.

A big, BIG thank you to everyone who entered and taking part in our monthly Photo Show. Keep on being creative and taking pictures of your models, and remember that practice makes perfect! The more pictures you take, the better your entry will become.

Our theme for September is Fantasy and Myths, so get your thinking caps on for this unusual theme! :-)

- Becky