...and the Winner is? Copperfox Photo Show July Results

Our sixth Copperfox Photo Show of the year hosted the theme of Showtime. During July and August, shows of all kinds are in full swing- equine shows, country shows, county fairs, even model horse shows. Some ideas and suggestions for our Showtime theme included using your models to depict an In Hand, Halter, Showmanship or Presentation Class. We even suggested creating your own miniature version of a model horse show too.

Firstly, I would like to say a HUGE well done and thank you to everyone who entered. It's great that you have taken part in this little competition and I hope you enjoyed creating your entries. 

So, now comes the exciting bit. There can only be one winner of our photo show a month, so who is it this time? The Winner of our July Photo Show is:



This entry blew us away and many a time we had to look twice at it to make sure it wasn't real! We *loved* this entry, for the way it made you feel part of the action and as though you were there watching from outside the arena, as well as all the details in the entry like the blue colour scheme and the handlers brilliant pose. We all know that riders can be temperamental at the best of times so to get one to stand on one leg, even with support, is quite an achievement! A fabulous entry and very deserving winner of our Copperfox July Photo Show.

This entry made you feel like you were part of the live show, in that you were there waiting to take a picture of the winning model! We really liked the angle and setup of this entry, along with the little details like the ribbons, rosette and of course the trophy.

This is a great entry with the Showtime theme! A beautifully turned out lead-rein entry with a very well behaved pony, complete with matching roses and colour scheme. The background of the scene also compliments the entry really well, together with the footing and shadow of the model on the ground. Well done!

We *loved* this creative entry that every model horse collector could relate; it's always a tough decision of which model to pack for the live show!! Lots of little details packed into this image from the photos on the notice board and the reference sheets, to the camera and photo background and little rosettes. Amazing attention to detail!

Henrietta looks *fabulous* in this entry and looks very at home in this scene. We really liked all the little details, like the brand signs and logos, in addition to the intricate flower pots and the handlers wonderful outfit.

Our Judges favourite entries for the Copperfox July Photo Show are below. We loved their themed and their unique sense of humour!

A big, BIG thank you to everyone who entered and taking part in our monthly Photo Show. Keep on being creative and taking pictures of your models, and remember that practice makes perfect! The more pictures you take, the better your entry will become.

- Becky