...and the Winner is? Copperfox Photo Show May Results

Our fourth Copperfox Photo Show of the year received just shy of 100 entries, around the theme of "Create a Scene". It was more of an open theme this time around, which allowed for entries depicting many different equestrian activities and compositions, with each one featuring one or several model horses.

Firstly, I would like to say a HUGE well done and thank you to everyone who entered. It's great that you have taken part in this little competition and I hope you enjoyed creating your entries. 

So, now comes the exciting bit. There can only be one winner of our photo show a month, so who is it this time? The Winner of our May Photo Show is:


We simply loved this entry and the little story that went with it. The description that accompanied the image was "Skye rides to her Aunt Grace's ranch to get her first look at a herd of horses from across the pond". You can really imagine the Copperfox Herd running around their new paddock, stretching their legs and generally causing mischief!! The lightening on this photograph is wonderful and makes it look so real, that you do have to look twice. A fabulous entry and a very worthy winner of this May's photo show.

A fabulous image with the theme of an afternoon ride with friends. What we really liked about this image was how everything was in scale, from the footing and the background, to the riders, tack and attire. The models were gorgeous too!

We loved this picture of Superman galloping through the woodland and green glade! A glorious background of vibrant greens really makes Superman stand out and he looks like he is having a wonderful time, galloping through the greenery.


One of those images that makes you look twice! It's absolutely amazing! The lighting of the scene also gives you the feeling that you are there watching from the spectacle from a ring side seat.

A beautiful image with exquisite models, tack, riders, outfits and attire, in addition to an in scale background that suits the overall setting. A marvelous entry!

We loved this entry for it's intrigue! It's theme was "Entering the land of the lost" and we did wonder if they managed to find it. Fantastic use of garden greenery to create a tropical jungle type setting, attention to detail and angle the picture is taken at.

This time around, we wanted to give some extra awards for pictures that were the "Judges Favourite". Here they are:

A special mention must go to the "Model Human Show" entry, which was a wonderful reverse on a model horse live show! It's all the little details in this scene which we loved, from the ring sign and the rosettes to the piece of wood under the wonky table. An amazing, imaginative entry! Well Done!

A big, BIG thank you to everyone who entered and taking part in our monthly Photo Show. Keep on being creative and taking pictures of your models, and remember that practice makes perfect! The more pictures you take, the better your entry will become.

Our theme for June is "Costume" ,which encompasses historical and traditional tack too. It's a wonderful opportunity to try something a little different and/or create something for your models.

Be creative, Let your imaginaton run wild and most importantly, have fun!
- Becky