...and the Winner is? Copperfox Photo Show September Results

Our eighth Copperfox Photo Show of the year featured the theme of Fantasy and Myths. We asked for your Pegasi, Unicorns, mythological and fantasy equines to join in the fun this time around. This unusual theme had quite a number of possibilities, from traditional fantasy horses like Pegasi and Unicorns to Centaurs, to more mythological horses like Hippocampus', Sleipnir and even a Water Horse. Horse legends and folktales were also included in this theme.

Firstly, I would like to say a HUGE well done and thank you to everyone who entered. It's great that you have taken part in this little competition and I hope you enjoyed creating your entries. 

So, now comes the exciting bit. There can only be one winner of our photo show a month, so who is it this time? The Winner of our September Photo Show is:



We loved this clever entry for it's simplicity and touch of magic. There must be a Unicorn hiding in every horse or maybe this Phoenix is an extra special one..? A wonderful picture that encompasses our September theme perfectly. Well done!

What a fabulous image of a gorgeous unicorn, snapped enjoying the cool waters of a natural crystal clear waterfall! A really creative setup that made us think of those once-in-a-lifetime photographs. It's not everyday that you take a picture of a real life unicorn in the wild ;-)

We really liked this serene and calming image of a rainbow unicorn enjoying the last rays of a sunset. It's a beautiful setting, with everything blending seamlessly together to create a fabulous entry. Well done!


This model is fabulous and a real insight to different horse myths from around the world. It is a mystical horse called a Longma, an Chinese ancient mystical creature that have body of an horse and head shaped similar to eastern dragon and has deer antlers. This creature is similar to Kirin (a mythical hooved chimerical creature) but not exactly like Kirin. They say you learn something everyday! A brilliant entry with a wonderful setting.


We loved this entry for the amount of customization it must have taken to get all those legs in place! This model is "Sleipnir", who in Norse Mythology is an eight-legged horse and stead of Odin, who is also described as the best of all horses. A really creative entry! Well done!

Our Judges favourite entries for the Copperfox September Photo Show are below. We loved these entries for their creativity and fun. Plus it's not everyday you have a Copperfox Unicorn and Pegasus!

A big, BIG thank you to everyone who entered and taking part in our monthly Photo Show. Keep on being creative and taking pictures of your models, and remember that practice makes perfect! The more pictures you take, the better your entry will become.

- Becky