A Trip to Visit the Copperfox Herd

Hello Everyone,
It's been a whirlwind of a week, with the unveiling of two more Copperfox Models- Loughtousha Fabio (Superman) and Marble, in addition to releasing pictures our amazing and unique Copperfox Boxing. The foam is so snuggily that the models will never want to get out of their boxes after travelling!!

Talking about travelling, I'm off to visit the whole Copperfox Herd this Sunday, all 2750 of them (I better pack lots of carrots and apples!). I'm off to our factory in China to see all the models before they are coaxed into boxes and start their long journey over the water to their temporary stable here at Copperfox HQ. I'm really (really) excited about going on the whistle stop tour, being able to visit and get hands on with everything, to meet the production and painting team. I will be sure to post pictures either during or as soon as I get back. I'm sure there will be lots to share!!

I'm back on Thursday (10th March) so please bare with me if you send any emails or messages before then. There will be a little delay in replying whilst I catch up with everything.

Two models will be unveiled whilst i'm away, thanks to the wonders of technology, so you will be able to meet two faces that you might recognise. After these two models are unveiled in Week 10 (i.e next week), it only leaves two more models to unveil (and these ones are new faces) and then the whole 2016 herd is complete!

Have a great weekend and catch up soon :)

- Becky