Auction Models: Copperfox Rubble & Bamm-Bamm

It's an exciting week! Not only do we have our Copperfox Online Marketnight on Saturday, our eBay auctions for some very unique and unusual Copperfox Models also end Saturday evening.

We are auctioning off six special test and development Copperfox Models through the auction site eBay. Here are pictures of Copperfox Rubble and Bamm-Bamm (and yes, we were inspired by the Flintstones!!).

Copperfox Rubble

Rubble, like his smaller brother Bamm-Bamm (see the pictures below) was a test and development model for a our 2018 Live Show Model Prizes. At our 2018 Copperfox Tour events hosted in the UK, winners of the live show sections are awarded special run Copperfox models as prizes. We tested out a variety of colours to decide our final prize colour way including metallics (gold, silver, pewter) and different effects (stone, marble, crackle) to see which one would suit our models the best. The final prize colourways that were chosen for production were Gold and polished silver.

Want to bid on this model. Please find the link to eBay below:

Copperfox Bamm-Bamm

Copperfox Bamm-Bamm’s unusual stone effect colourway is slightly textured and has a semi gloss finish. Copperfox Bamm-Bamm is the only model that was created and is completely one-of-a-kind (OOAK). His belly is signed 1/1, accompanied by the date he was created. For provenance, we will include a card/certificate explaining his creation and authenticity. Bamm-Bamm is shipped in our unique Union Jack Collectors Box.

Want to bid on this model? Please find the link to eBay below: