Auction Models: Galena and Tobias

A couple more models have trotted off to auction including Galena our test pewter Welsh Cob and Tobias, our gorgeous dapple-grey development Irish Sports Horse. Lots of pictures below!

Copperfox Galena:

Galena, our Pewter Effect Welsh Cob, was a test and development model for a our 2018 Live Show Model Prizes. At our 2018 Copperfox Tour events, hosted in the UK, winners of the live show sections are awarded special run Copperfox models as prizes. We tested out a variety of colours to decide our final prize colour-way including metallics (gold, silver, pewter) and different paint effects (stone, marble, crackle) to see which one would suit our models the best. The final prize colourways that were chosen for production were Gold and Polished silver.

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Copperfox Tobias

Tobias was a development model for our Limited Edition Copperfox Toby model (released in 2017). Tobias is a dapple grey with three white socks and a white grey mane and tail. The placement of Tobias' markings is different to those of Copperfox Toby, especially on his near hind and foreleg, in addition to less shading on his muzzle compared to the final Toby (CF615) production models.

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