Auction Models: Humphrey and Brigadier

The last two models to be re-homed via auction is Copperfox Humphrey and a sample model of Copperfox Brigadier.

Copperfox Humphrey:

Humphrey, like his smaller brother Arthur (see our previous blog post), was a test model for a high volume style model, where we looked at simplifying a few features and explored the option of making mass models in higher runs (the answer is it's not for us at this stage!!). His hooves and eyes are not as detailed as usual Copperfox Models, so it makes him a little unique, in addition to his colouring!

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Copperfox Brigadier (sample) & Guide Book

We had a bit of a surprise when we found this model! For every Limited Edition model, we usually produce 2 to 3 sample models to ensure the model is correct before production goes into full swing. We hold these models in our archives so we have a record of which sample models confirmed which production run. This handsome chap was in the wrong box when double checking the archives- and most certainly is not a 610 Copperfox Superman!.

We already have the other sample Matt Brigadiers in our archives and rather than make it a crowd, we are offering this one up for auction. This Copperfox Brigadier is part of our sample run and is one of three. His belly is signed 1/3, accompanied by the date he was created. For provenance, we will include a letter explaining his creation and full history. Brigadier is shipped in our unique Union Jack Collectors Box. We are also including with him a Glossy Guidebook from the Household Calvary Museum, which is, after all where this model made his debut!

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