Auction Models: Tuppence and Sixpence

Meet Tuppence and Sixpence our Copper Twins that inspired our recent Farthing and Halfpenny models. Both Tuppence (ISH) and Sixpence (Welsh) were development models for our Limited Edition Copperfox Copper models Farthing and Halfpenny who were released earlier this year.  Both Farthing and Halfpenny were very limited (just 50 pieces of each) and only available through Copperfox Ambassadors. They sold out in record time!

Both Tuppence and Sixpence was the models from which Farthing and Halfpenny evolved. Tuppence and Sixpence are matt copper (not glossy like Halfpenny and Farthing) and both have shaded grey muzzles and grey hooves, with no copper highlights. It's all about the details!

Copperfox Tuppence

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Copperfox Sixpence

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