Back from a Visit to the Copperfox Factory

Hello All! I arrived back the Copperfox Factory in China in the early hours of this morning and wanted to give you all an update, and share pictures from my trip, before the festivities start (so excited!)- well that and before jet lag really takes over and renders me impossible to string a (semi) coherent sentence together!!

My visit was to check and pack all of the upcoming Copperfox releases, which I’m happy to report went to plan (woohoo!) and all models have been safely packed ready for their long journey on the high seas (wahey!). They will leave the factory at the end of this month and are scheduled to arrive to the UK in Late January 2018. I will of course keep you updated on firmer timings as soon as I know them, but either way, we know for sure that it’s going to be an exciting 2018! There is no better start to a New Year than with new models!

Here are my favourite pictures from my trip:

 Forget Christmas trees- it's decorated palm trees instead!

Forget Christmas trees- it's decorated palm trees instead!

It was quite odd to be a different country in the run-up to Christmas. The hotel were I stayed at had decorated it's palm trees, in addition to having some Christmas trees in the lobby and all the staff had Christmas hats on.

Most people in China do not celebrate Christmas, especially in rural areas and/or were there is no Western or religious influences. It has only recently been adopted as a festive tradition in parts of China (within the last 20 years or so) and it's a time where people will host a party or a general get-together for friends and family. Some will decorate their homes with festive decorations and exchange gifts but generally it's just a time for people to come together rather than the celebration we know. Christmas is not a public holiday in China but most of the factories will give their workers time off to go home to their families. At our factory, all the workers were going home today and will return in the New Year.

One thing I didn't expect during my visit this time was how cold China was. I ended up wearing my whole suitcase- 2 trousers, 3 tops, a coat and countless pairs of socks. It was freezzzzzing!! It was around 6-10°C; a world away from the 24-30°C I usually encounter during my visits. The hotel, in their public areas, do not have any heating so it would be quite normal to sit and eat breakfast in your coat (and multiple layers!). The rooms however did have heating so after a long (cold) day at the factory, I would rush back and turn the heating up to full so I could defrost!!

It's always a joy to go to the factory to see the models and all the time that goes into each one. The paintwork was gorgeous on all the models I packed- and that was quite a few. I packed just under 1400 models in two days. Here are some pictures of the models in all their glory!

I did have a little team helping me to pack and coax all the models into their boxes. We had people assembling boxes, adding foam, checking models and then putting them into outer cartons. I was solely on packing each model into their box. Here are a couple of piccies of my team hard at work!! It was a organised chaos and we all communicated through lots of pointing and "talking Italian". My Chinese is non existent!!

The best image of all by far!! Pallets of boxed models, lined up ready to ship. They will be packed into a container at the end of this month, to sail to the UK on the high seas.


View from my hotel room. China is MASSIVE!

One thing I tried to remember to do this time was take some more pictures of the food. I was very honoured to eat with the workers on most days, so didn't take any pictures, but I did snap some pictures of the breakfast offerings at my hotel, aswell as one from a "last night" meal out at restaurant. The most unusual thing I had this trip was a pumpkin and coconut dessert, which actually was very yummy!

I do have to make a little bit of a confession on the food front though...! When I first visited China I said that I ate everything, which I thought meant that you eat all types of meat, fish etc! That was such an experience and one that stayed with me, so much so, that now every time I go back to China, I'm a strict vegetarian!! In China, they do eat everything, which is good, but for me, that was just a little bit too much!

I will keep you updated on the timings and news from the factory in the New Year. In the meantime, have a wonderful festive break everyone!

Happy Christmas! :-)

-Becky :-)

Hong Kong airport: time to go home. :)