BECF to Support Copperfox Tour

We are delighted to announce that the BECF (British Equine Collectors Forum) is supporting the Painting workshop at the Copperfox UK Tour stops by kindly donating unpainted Breyer Stablemates* models for people to paint.

Come along in the afternoon to one of our CF tour stops, choose and paint your own mini model. Let your imagination run wild! Choose one model free, or additional models can be purchased for £1 each with the money going to charity (alternatively, you are welcome to bring your own mini model to paint- Schleich or smaller please).

Who are the British Equine Collectors Forum?
The British Equine Collectors' Forum (BECF) was established in 1992, and is the central source in the UK for all aspects of model horse collecting - a sort of British Horse Society to compare it to the real horse world. Gallop on over to their website here, to find out more about this fantastic organisation and all the amazing things they do for the model horse hobby.

On their website, they also have a wonderful section called "Hobby Guidesheets" which is made up of 22 articles that can help you either get started or to help find out further information about the Model Horse Hobby. Topics include "Going to a Live Show", Holding a Live Show", "Hobby Etiquette", "Customising the Model Horse" and many more. The guidesheets have been written just for the BECF by some of the best and most knowledgeable hobby members.

The BECF also is the central point in which all UK based live shows are registered. Click here to view the complete list of live shows being held this year- and it's a big list!!

A big thank you to the BECF for supporting our tour events and being able to encourage everyone to have a go at painting their very own model horse.

*Please note, that Breyer Stablemates are produced by Breyer and all trademarks are owned by their respective manufacturer. They have no connection to Copperfox Model Horses. The models are donated by the BECF with the aim to allow everyone who attends our CF tour the ability to paint a model horse, in addition to promoting the model horse hobby as a whole. There is no underlying motive, other than being a nice thing to do.