Behind the Scenes at the Copperfox Factory

So, what's currently happening here at Copperfox? We are currently preparing for our next big shipment of models to arrive, which is extremely exciting! A delivery day is never a dull day at all! They are on the water at the moment, hopefully having a smooth sailing, and once they arrive, we will really be off and running, with no stock restrictions which is a relief. Horses will in be the warehouse and eager to gallop to new homes! The shipment is due to arrive Mid July, although we hope sooner but it's one of those things that just has to get here, when it gets here. No fast tracking a container ship I'm afraid!

I thought you might like to see one of the pictures the factory sent me just after the container left, full of lovely Copperfox boxes :) The other pictures are a little more boring- closed container doors and proof that it's sealed nice and tight but this one is more of an action shot! ;-)

They also kindly sent me through pictures of the factory in full swing, which I always love to see and share with you. I think it's very important to see where something comes from and the talented people involved in creating it. The factory is a little home from home for me after spending quite an amount of time there so when I see these pictures I know exactly what it's like there (extremely hot and humid!), what it sounds and smells like (definitely a paint smell in the mix!!) and who everyone is (the two girls in black paint the best legs. This is why we requested they teach their technique to the rest of the team. Lots of little stories.).

The picture below is from the detailing department, as we call it. The team of people on the left are detailers. They hand paint all the details onto each model, from hooves to eyes, leg and face markings, mane and tails, and even in Duggies case, that tiny nose marking. The racks of models on the right of the picture are of models lining up and patiently awaiting their turn. If you look closely you can just see upside down Berties. They are waiting for their hooves to be done. The Sovereigns on the left, on the blue crates, are having their white legs and hooves done. As you might have gathered, lots of little processes are crammed in each Copperfox model and it's never just as easy as painting a model horse!!

Below: A slightly wonky (and fuzzy!) picture of an army of Berties and Marbles asleep. Berties have had their hooves painted, but are still upside down as they need a layer of hoof gloss to complete them.

Below: Upright Berties! These models have had their coat colour finished and their face marking added. They all have white hooves, so are awaiting their appointment with the pedicurist!

Below: Sovereigns in two different stages. The top layer of Sovereigns have had their coat colour completed and are having their tails painted. Can you just see the first row of Sovereigns (nearer the camera) have white tails, whereas the second row have slighly cream/green tails? The second row are due to have their tails painted by hand.

The bottom Sovereigns have just had their first coat of colour. It starts off a wonderfully rich chestnut and then gets lighter and lighter as the dapples, and then the highlights are added.

Below: Shhhh! Henriettas are sleeping! A herd of Henriettas are catching forty winks whilst they wait for their hooves to dry completely.