Best Time to Buy a Copperfox

Did you know that now is the best time to purchase a Copperfox Model Horse? I know, your wondering why and most importantly how. Who knew that model horses could be affected by politics huh? Let me explain...

Anyone who has been watching world news recently will know that last week the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Community, which has resulted in exchange rates going a bit crazy. The pound is at it's lowest value against the dollar for over 30 years which as you can imagine has our financial markets a little worried and will take a while to stablise after the referendum vote didn't go the way the experts planned. As of today one pound will buy you one dollar and 33 cents.

I'm a half glass full person meaning that there is always a silver lining to these sort of things and our viewpoint is that now is the BEST time for our US customers to purchase a Copperfox Model Horse, at the lowest exchange rate, dollar wise. The exchange rate at the moment is $1.00 = £0.75 which is cheaper than that it was last Thursday. As a quick example using a Copperfox Model Horse priced at £59.95. At the current exchange rate of 1.33 the model would cost $79.73 compared to last weeks exchange rate of 1.5 a model would be $89.92.

Whilst the change in exchange rates doesn't mean that our models are peanuts to purchase, it does mean that they are cheaper than usual, which is welcome news to anyone looking to give a home to a very special model horse.

Another reason why now is the best time to buy a Copperfox, is simply because there are certain models that will sell out shortly. Each model is limited to only 250 pieces of each and once all 250 models are sold, no more will be produced of that particular colourway and mould combination. Finnigan, Sovereign and Celtic Warrior are starting to show red in our stock systems which means that soon we will have to officially retire these colour combinations. It will be quite the moment, celebrating our first model selling out! Models showing amber, which means that we should keep an eye on them are Cadno, Marble, Duggie and Superman.

Oh, and before I forget, please do remember to use your coupons before they expire! All March pre orders for Copperfox Models had a voucher in their box, enabling you to receive 10% off your order. Please use them whilst they are still valid as we cannot backdate unused vouchers.

So, there you are, 3 great reasons why now is the best time to purchase a Copperfox and to add something different to your Model Horse Herd. Oh, and one last reason- i just remembered!! By becoming a Copperfox Owner you will be able to receive our new eMagazine too.

- Becky