CFA Show Report: New England Warm Up Show in Spencer, MA (USA)

Today's blog post is by Julia Eldridge-Nichols, our Copperfox Ambassador, that attends many model horses shows hosted in Region 9 and 10. Keep an eye on our blog for more Copperfox Ambassador (CFA) show reports, reviews and news!

Hello all, I’ve returned from my maiden voyage as a Copperfox Ambassador at the Southern New England Round-Up show in Spencer, MA. Spencer is a small town in central Massachusetts, home of the pilgrims, home of the Boston accent, home of wicked good people. Some folks drove up from Rhode Island, some down from NH and some as far away as Maine! (our winner for long distance said she drove somewhere around 5 hours…)  A proud group of showers, this group taught me this weekend that performance showing is a seriously competitive sport in this part of the world, and they need more Irish Sports horses!

The town of Spencer was settled in 1717, and was famous for being a stopping place on the Old Boston Post Road’s Stagecoach route between Boston, Hartford and New York City.  It seems fitting then, that the horse hobby is alive and well here, and there were no shortages of equine drawn coaches in the show ring!

 A Copperfox Percival in Harness

A Copperfox Percival in Harness


     The organizer, Brenda Bednar, holds an amazing event.  She had the most colorful rosettes made, as well as tiny to-scale neck sashes, which ended up being such a hit with the attendees.  The crowds turned out despite it being the coldest day of the year. There’s a saying in New England,  that if you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes.  It had been 60 degrees the day before, so many people came in and out of the building and remarked, “In case you’re all wondering, it’s STILL cold out there.”   Although it never warmed outside, inside, things were blazing! 

The divisions that ran included Artist resin, a stellar foal division, fantasy, customized halter, OF, china and AR/CM performance among many others.  The level of detail and stunning craftsmanship of the models was truly a sight to see.  I stopped short at one point in awe of a table full of British drafters.  There was just so much goodness on that one table.  What would they say, I wondered, if I just pulled up a chair and leaned my face on my elbows to stare and gawk for a while?  I was pulled from my reverie, when I heard the announcer (wearing a pony pouch on her head, mind you) say, “Please keep an eye out for the judges working behind you”, which may have been polite speak for “Step away from the British Draft table before you fall on it” or something, I’m not sure…

The great reception I received with the Copperfox herd was astounding.  I can’t take credit, they really do speak for themselves.  Prior to being set up, I was making deals (and searching for my credit card reader-oh why are you so tiny!) and three models trotted away prior to me hanging up the Union Jack flags.  Lots of requests came in for the soft fleecy lined sweatshirts, which is certainly a testament to the New England weather.   There was so much excitement in the air, and it was contagious.  One particular young lady came to the table several times, carefully inspecting one model after another, to make a purchase that she was very intent on thinking through.  The fact that she could inspect up close every model in the line-up was I believe of great benefit, as the model she originally picked out didn’t end up being the one she went home with!

A gorgeous custom Finnigan came to visit my table named, “Mr. Heinz”, owned by Brenda, whom I found out was painted by a very talented gal out of Scotland, Karon Grieve.  Being a leopard appaloosa fan myself, I was in awe and very impressed with just how this little model could look as though he was about to canter across my table with his pinned ears and gleaming eyes.  I’m pretty sure he comes alive at night when all are sleeping.

There were lots of great raffle offerings, including pony pouches donated by Larry Nichols, which were amusingly tagged, ‘Transport Devices’.  A big congratulations goes out to Dan Duclos, who won the raffle for glossy Percival, donated by Copperfox!  He had two daughters there, who were both judging and showing that day.  These gals made jokes throughout the weekend that if any models were missing from my table, to NOT coming looking for them!  I was very pleased then, to see they ended up taking one home after all as they worked so hard judging-and a big thanks to dad for being on herd duty for two days! 

Thank you Brenda, Melissa, and all of you wonderful judges for hosting an amazing show!  For the full photo albums, click this link: 

What a great show, lots of fun was had, I can’t wait to do it all over again.  Next stop, Long Island, New York! See you soon!

- Julia Eldridge-Nichols
Copperfox Ambassador