Coming Soon: Copperfox Blank Canvases

Our Copperfox Blank Canvases will soon be galloping back into stock! Wahey! Get your thinking caps on and let your imaginations run wild with ideas for transformations, colours and possibilities!! Joining Rupert and Toby on their journey on the high seas are Blank Canvases of our Welsh Cob and Irish Sports Horse moulds.

Copperfox Blank Canvases are blank canvases that you can use to create your very own unique customised Copperfox Model horse. Paint them, Pastel them, Transform them! Copperfox Blank Canvases are the perfect canvas to create the model horse of your dreams!

Unlike previous Blank Canvases, our "new" Copperfox Blank Canvases are not recycled models, they are models fresh off the production line- cleaned, sanded and then painted white ready to paint. Each blank canvas is not a blank or raw horse but one that is to be transformed into a personalised, customised models. Below are a couple of pictures I took whilst at the factory, overseeing their creation. They look quite wonderful in white. It really brings out the features of each mould!

 Freshly created Irish Sports Horse Blank Canvases

Freshly created Irish Sports Horse Blank Canvases

A "half done" model. This Irish Sports Horse has had it's light coat of white paint on it's body tail and legs, with the head still showing the plastic colour. The painter would then hold the tail to be able to paint the horses head and complete the Blank Canvas.

Each Copperfox Blank Canvas Model comes boxed in our unique Union Jack collectors box, which is the perfect box for models to travel or be stored in, as well as making the ideal container to transport your models to and from live shows. The hardest part is trying to decide what colour they will become!!

Both our Irish Sports Horse and Welsh Cob Blank Canvases are available to pre-order and are due to be in stock in Early/Mid September.

Below are some pictures of Blank Canvases, as they will be availale, out enjoying the British weather (!!). Which one will you choose, and what colour would it become? Decisions, decisions..!!

Copperfox Irish Sports Horse Blank Canvas:

Copperfox Welsh Cob Blank Canvas: