Copperfox Ambassadors

Fridays are always the best news days and today is no exception! Todays news is a big step for us. It's one of those "one step for man, one giant leap for Copperfox Model Horses" moments.

Our recent survey highlighted that many of our fans and followers would like to purchase Copperfox Model Horses in person, in their home country. We host many events every year within the UK, so our UK fans have the ability to visit an event and purchase models in person but what about our followers in other countries? Well, the good news is that we have found a solution, that hopefully many people will be able to take advantage of.

I would like to introduce to your our new way of purchasing Copperfox Model Horses, at a model horse event near you- Copperfox Ambassadors.

Copperfox Ambassadors are our representatives who attend selected model horse and equine events, with a range of models that you can see in person and purchase. Models are purchased directly from Copperfox Ambassadors who are individuals helping us to spread the word and share the love for our models all around the globe.

Our first Copperfox Ambassador and trail blazer is Julia Eldridge from Massachusetts (USA). A BIG hello and GIGANTIC thank you to Julia for helping us to make this possible and agreeing that a mad idea is sometimes a good one..! I met Julia at Lexington in Kentucky last July and haven't forgotten her boundless energy, passion and enthusiasm for our models, so i'm so, so, so pleased that Julia is our first Ambassador and champion for our brand in the USA. Julia has a very large selection of Copperfox Model Horses living with her at the moment (the feed bill must be massive!), in addition to Copperfox Merchandise and even pins. Like usual, each model comes packaged in our unique Union Jack collectors box, in addition to being accompanied by their Certificates of Authenticity, so it's exactly the same experience as purchasing a model online or in person at a UK event.

Julia is attending two live shows with the Copperfox herd within the next few weeks- Southern New England Winter Round Up Live Show in Massachusetts and the Long Island Model Horse Expo in New York. If you are attending either of these shows, you are in for a treat!

We've created a Copperfox Ambassador Facebook Group where we will post details and information of where they are attending, in addition to posting updates, news and pictures from their travels. You can also see what events our Copperfox Ambassadors are attending through the events section of our website too. Just look for the circles that mention: Copperfox Ambassador in Attendance".

See, told you Friday was the best day for news EVER!
- Becky :)