Copperfox Autumn Tour- Cheshire & Leicestershire

Last weekend was the start of our Copperfox Autumn tour when we trotted off to Cheshire to host our first tour stop and then cantered across to Leicestershire to hold another one. It was a weekend full of fun and model horses. It was fabulous to see everyone again, with many familiar faces from our Copperfox Tour earlier this year.

Here are some pictures from both our Cheshire and Leicestershire Tour Stops. Just click on each one to make them larger. Enjoy! :)

Copperfox Cheshire Tour Stop:

Copperfox Leicestershire Tour Stop:

We travel through countless counties traveling to venues for our tour stops, seeing many different parts of the United Kingdom from north to south, east to west. It’s become a bit of a challenge now, as there are only a few counties in the UK we haven’t visited- yet. When going to a tour stop venue, we always try to visit something or go somewhere on route, rather than just see endless motorways and become connoisseurs of which service stations are better than others (the M&S ones are the best ones!). This time we stopped off at Little Morton Hall, an iconic Tudor Manor House that is extremely wonky. It dates back to the 16th century and has a wonderful moat around it. It’s was really quirky and a great little place to stop and visit for an hour or so!

We're off to Hampshire next time and then up to Yorkshire after that. Tickets are still available for many of our Copperfox Autumn Tour stops. Purchase your ticket in our webshop here.

See you soon!
- Becky