Copperfox Blank Canvas Update & How to Remove Paint

The good news is that our Blank Canvas models have been so popular that our stocks are running very low, with two of our moulds the Welsh Cob and Irish Sports Horses selling out. Both our Connemara and Exmoor Ponies are still available, being in stock and ready to gallop out to new owners to be transformed.

We *hope* that both the Welsh Cob and Irish Sports Horse Blank Canvases will be back into stock online by the end of the year. We have a very small number of these models still at the factory and will just have to wait for them to travel to us before they can go online. Numbers wise, there is approximately only 20 or so of each, so when they go online, lasso one before they gallop off!! I'm be sure to let you know the details of when they go on sale and things, as soon as I know myself.

Paint Removal:
One of the most asked questions with our Blank Canvas models is "how do I get the paint off my model?". Different people have different methods to remove paint from models and sometimes it's down to personal preference. We've seen posts on social media about using sand paper, over cleaner and good ol' fashioned scrubbing- as well as some other weird and wonderful suggestions and techniques (vinegar anyone?!!!)

We recommend using cellulose paint thinners to remove all the paint from Copperfox Blank Canvases; it will strip all of the paint off. No elbow grease required! It can be purchased from most DIY or hobby stores, and Amazon even stocks it if you are really stuck. You must (I repeat must) read all the instructions on the bottle/tin before using it as it is very strong stuff but it does the job really well. Once the thinner is in contact with the model, it will remove the paint in a matter of seconds but please make sure not to leave it on a model too long, as it will start to affect the plastic. If used correctly, it will remove the paint quickly and effectively and give you a completely unpainted, plastic model which you can prep and then start the fun bit!!

Below is a picture of a Copperfox Connemara I removed the paint from, using cellulose paint thinners. I put some of the thinner onto a cloth and rubbed the paint away, working slowly from head to tail. This model is now ready for a coat of primer and then we can get the paint palette out and transform her into something new (the fun bit!!).

Happy creating!
- Becky