Copperfox Blank Canvases

Visitors to our Copperfox Yorkshire tour stop yesterday had a little surprise. Not only were they greeted by our regular run herd of Copperfox Models, but another more plainer herd too, our Blank Canvas herd! Fresh from their journey across the seas, this herd were relieved to stretch their legs in the Yorkshire countryside, strutting their stuff and shaking off the month long confinement during their travels (sea travel takes that long!!).

Copperfox Blank Canvases are as their name implies, blank canvases that you can use to create your very own unique customised Copperfox Model horse. Each blank canvas is an recycled Copperfox Model Horse; we had to find a use for all the sample painting runs! Being our first big production run and having a wide selection of colours, as you can imagine, we have gone through quite a few models testing paint techniques and ensuring that we get the look we are aiming for.  Rather than simply scrap those models, which are good model wise, it seemed right to give them a new lease of life and option of becoming something new.

Each blank canvas is not a blank or raw horse. They have been polished and sanded like our limited edition models. The only difference is that they are white and not a horsey colour!

There are three options to get a blank canvas model:

At Lexington, Kentucky:
Copperfox is cantering over the pond to join the model horse festivities in July in Lexington, Kentucky. We will be bringing along with us some of our limited edition models (Celtic, Duggie, Marble, Trifle etc) and a large selection of blank canvases of all four moulds- Exmoor, Welsh Cob, Connemara and Irish Sports Horse. Please pop into our room at the Clarion to say hello, pick up a Copperfox model and also enter for the chance to win one (or two) special models.

Once we return from our travels (the week of the 25th July), the blank canvases of all the moulds will be available to purchase online. We ship all around the globe so anyone and everyone will have the chance to add a blank canvas to their collection. The additional bonus at the this point is that our next shipment will have arrived (it arrives whilst we are in Kentucky. Timing huh?!), and will be safely stabled into our warehouse, so *everything* will be available.

At Tour Events:
Any Blank Canvases that are still available for rehoming will join us on our Autumn Copperfox Tour, which is due to start late August. Places and locations to follow asap! :-)

Blank Canvases online and at tour events are priced at: Exmoor £30, Welsh Cob and Connemara £35 and Irish Sports Horse £40. At Lexington, KY, the Exmoor will be $40, Welsh Cob and Connemara $45 and the Irish Sports Horse $50.

So how many blank canvases are available? At the moment we have good stocks and that is simply due to the amount of testing, sampling and perfecting stages that we have gone through to get the level of painting where we wanted it. There are blank canvases of all four moulds available, but these type of models are not something that is unlimited nor will they be produced as a regular stock item. It's more something that has come about from not wanting to waste models. Blank Canvases could be available at certain times in the future but not in the number we have now.  We've gone through the steepest learning curve imaginable (it's more vertical than curved) and so will have less test and sampling runs on future colours.

I will let you know the date and time the Blank Canvases will be available online, as soon as I know myself (!!). In the meantime, it's time to get your thinking caps on- what mould would you choose and what colour will you paint it? A spotty Irish Sports Horse or maybe an dappled iron grey Connemara Pony. Or maybe transform the Exmoor Pony into a draft horse or create a chalkboard horse out of the Welsh Cob. Ooooo, the possibilities!

- Becky