Copperfox Cumbria Tour Stop

We've just got back from our Copperfox Tour Stop in Cumbria. We had a fantastic time at this event, meeting so many wonderful people, seeing so many model horses of all shapes, sizes, colours and makes, and most importantly having fun with them.

We hope everyone's new horses are making themselves at home and are behaving. Don't forget to send us images, pictures and videos of them as we would love to see how they are getting on, and to share them on our social media channels.

Here are some of my favourite images from the event and the trip in general. We packed alot in on this trip!!

We had a spare couple of hours before we were due to setup the hall, so we went to the beach at Maryport and explored. Any excuse to go for a little paddle! The hills in the distance, across the water, are those in Scotland.

An fabulous English Performance setup by a first time live show entrant! This setup had so many details, from the logo on the saddle pad to the riders numbered bib. The jump was even made from a boat model found in a charity shop!

A very popular scene class, with so many creative entries. We had fairy ponies, trekking, hacking, lunging, pit ponies and even the Queen and her Corgis!

A closeup of the Queen entry in the scene class. Isn't it fabulous!?

A Copperfox Native British Breed Class. This was an extra class we added in on the day. As the number of Copperfox owners are increasing, they are starting to enter live shows to strut their stuff in the classes, which is amazing! At our Cumbria Tour Stop, many Copperfox models appeared in our Native British Breed class alongside other brands of models. Obviously I'm a little bias when it comes to judging our models against others, so we took the decision to split the class, with myself judging the Native British Breeds (all non Copperfox models) and Marie kindly volunteering to judge all the Copperfox models.

There is always so much talent and creativity in our fancy dress class. This is Trooper pretending to be a sheep (!!).

Our Overall Champion was this gorgeous Stone Drafter "Snow Dragon". The dappling on this model was amazing!

The Copperfox Cumbria Tour Stop Overall Reserve Champion. Such a wonderful little setup. We loved the tiny details like the handmade bunting!


We couldn't leave Cumbria without a quick visit to see Hadrians Wall which was just up the road from the venue. A bucket list thing to see, ticked off! One day I wouldn't mind walking the complete wall.. :)

On the way home, back to Essex, we passed through Appleby, home of the annual Appleby Horse Fair. The horse fair is held each year in early June when travellers from all over the country gather to buy and sell horses, meet with friends and relations, and celebrate their culture. Many travel to Appleby under their own steam and we saw several convoys of horses and caravans on the main road travelling home. In Appleby itself, they were getting ready for the event and some horses (and their owners) had already arrived. It's quite normal to see horses everywhere, although it was a first to see one hitched at a Zebra crossing!

- Becky