Copperfox Custom Competition 2018


Our Copperfox Custom Competition would like to showcase your Copperfox creations! We want to see all your custom Copperfoxes! Copperfox Models that you have repainted, re-haired, re-positioned. Models that have been transformed, remade and reworked into something new, either realistic equine replicas or something else- we would love to see them all!

To enter the competition, all you need to do is send in a picture of a Copperfox Model you have customised, for the chance to win some fabulous prizes! Prizes include gift tokens, CF Blank Canvas models and 8 Special Run Variation Copperfox models, “Valiant", who we’ve created just for the competition!

The competition is be open to anyone and everyone, of all abilities, anywhere in the world and is be split into Beginner, Amateur and Professional categories, with each one having a realistic and non-realistic division. There will also be two addition awards- Fan Favourite, which will be voted for by Copperfox Fans and Followers through our Facebook page and a Copperfox Favourite, which will be chosen by Copperfox.

The competition will be judged by a panel of judges, including our Copperfox Sculptors Kelly Savage, Harriet Knibbs and the artist behind our Connemara Pony Model, in addition to well-known model horse hobbyists from both sides of the pond, Jackie Radwanski and Eleda Towle.

How To Enter Your Custom Model:

It's really easy to take part. Simply send us two image(s) of your customised Copperfox model to us via email ( or via Facebook (sending as a message to our page). Please send a picture of your custom model "in the works" and another of the completed piece.

Please remember to include your name and details of which category you would like to enter. For example, "in the Beginner category in the realistic division".

If you are a Amateur or Professional, please remember to include details of your studio please so we can include those details with your image in the album.

All images of the entries will be uploaded to an album on our Copperfox Facebook page (click here to view) for everyone to view, in addition to a selection being showcased on our blog and social channels throughout the duration of the competition.

The Prizes:

 Copperfox Valiant

Copperfox Valiant

One winner will be chosen per category, in addition to two choice awards, as mentioned below. The prize is a Copperfox "Valiant" Welsh Cob Model Horse, who is a variation of our "Gibson" model. He will come with a hand signed certificate to confirm his authenticity. Alternatively, Copperfox Blank Canvas models will be available as prizes. Winners will be given the option of their prize. Here is the list of categories:

Beginner: Realistic Division
Beginner: Non- Realistic Division
Amateur: Realistic Division
Amateur: Non- Realistic Division
Professional: Realistic Division
Professional: Non- Realistic Division
Fan Favourite: Voted for by Copperfox Fans and Followers through our Facebook page.  Copperfox Favourite: Chosen by Copperfox.

One Runner-Up will also be chosen per category (as above). The prize will be a £25 ($35) that can be used on any Copperfox product. The gift token will have a month validity.


Competition Guidelines:

- Model must be customised by it's owner. Please no cheating. We're asking and trusting everyone to enter our competition morally and to honor the rules. Anyone found to be cheating (for example, saying the model is customised by them when it is not) will have their entry disqualified.

- Please enter your image in the correct category for your ability. These are the guidelines for the different categories:

Beginner: An individual who has been in the model horse hobby for less than 1 year and customises models for themselves. Does not accept commissions. This level also applies to hobbyists who have been in the hobby for longer than an year BUT have only just started to customise models.

Amateur: An individual who has been in the model horse hobby for more than a year and customises models for themselves, in addition to accepting the occasional commission and selling the odd customised model.

Professional: An individual who has been in the model horse hobby for more than a year and predominately all models that are customised are sold on. Accepts Commissions.

The above definitions are a guideline and we recommend that you choose the ability that suits you best, depending on your experience. For example, if you have been in the hobby for 10 years but have only started to customised, then you would be a beginner. If you have been in the hobby for just over a year and have customised models for a friend, then you would be an amateur.

- You can enter your creation into either the "Realistic" or "Non Realistic" category. "Realistic" is defined as life-like and "Non-Realistic" is everything else (fantasy, decorator etc).

- A Custom is a defined as a model changed from it's original condition so this includes a model that has been: repainted, re-haired, re-positioned, re-worked or re-sculpted.

- Custom Copperfox Models entered into our 2016 CF Custom Competition cannot enter this years one. It must be a new work please.

- Amateur and Professional artists can enter a model that they have customised but no longer own. Please ensure you have the permission of the model's new owner to enter it into the competition and also provide in progress pictures of the custom. The model must be a new work (i.e not a model entered into a previous CF CM Competition).

Rules & Boring Bits:

- The competition is open to customised Copperfox Models only. No other brands please.
- One entry per person please.
- Please ensure your entry is entered into the correct ability category and class.
- The competition closes on the 28th May 2018. Judging by our panel will commerce shortly afterwards. Winners announced by the 8th June 2018.
-  The competition is open to anyone, any where in the world, of any age.
- The judges decision is final with no correspondence being entered into.
- You give Copperfox the permission to share your entered image on our blog, website and social media channels.

Good Luck everyone, remember the rules and guidelines (as above)- and most importantly, HAVE FUN! We can't wait to see your customised Copperfox Models!