Copperfox Devon Tour Stop

Wow! We have just returned from another fantastic Tour Stop. We're loving our events! It's so much fun meeting everyone and having a blast with models, all of shapes, sizes, colours and makes. It's fantastic to meet everyone and show you our herd of models and also hear your comments, feedback and model ideas. We hope everyone's new horses are making themselves at home. Don't forget to send us images, pictures and videos from the day as we would love to share them on our social media channels.

Here are some of my favourite images from the event:


Devon has the most luscious and beautiful scenery. So much green, countryside and steep hills! Our little van had to take a run up at some of the hills, and at one we even contemplated getting out and pushing!!

The Copperfox Herd all setup ready and eager to meet everyone. It's great to see them all together and side by side, with Finnigan (aka the King Horse) towering over the ponies at the end.

There were so many amazing entries in the Performance classes and lots of beautiful models in the in-hand classes. Judging is always a very different task!

A quick snap of Jackie setting up her scene entry, with everyone eager to have a peek at what it was.

This is Jackie's scene entry. Simply *amazing*! The attention to detail was astonishing from mini tags and reference cards for the models, to mini bubblewrap and milliput on the work bench.

We had some special guests at our Devon tour event- Victoria Eveleigh, author of the Katys Exmoor books of which Trifle is the star and Vanessa Bee of the Horse Agility Club of Great Britain. They both were kind enough to judge the Native Breed Class. Thank you Tortie and Vanessa! :)

Painting in the afternoon is always so much fun with everyone getting involved, including Mums and Dads! It's an activity that anyone can have a go at and it doesn't matter what colour the model is. The most important thing is to have a go and have some fun!

A quick (and wonky) snap of Stonehenge on the way home after the event, with a beautiful sunset to end a amazing day.

Roll on Scotland, the next tour stop on our Copperfox Tour 2016!

- Becky