Copperfox Important Update


Hello Copperfox Fans and Followers. We wanted to give you an update since our important announcement to let you know where we are and what will be happening next. Firstly, we would like to say a big, big thank you for all your support, comments and kindness at a time that is hard for us all. We really appreciate your emails and messages, and you sharing your model horse memories with us- and of course pictures of your Copperfoxes! It’s amazing to see them all! We have been overwhelmed by the response to our news, which makes our tough but required decision that even bit harder.

In positive news, we are talking to several individuals who are interesting in taking on Copperfox Model Horses both as a whole operation and cherry picking a couple of the models to produce in both plastic and resin. Talks are on-going so we will see what happens. Watch this space as they say!

In relation to this is our collection of archive models, a vast Copperfox collection of samples that were used to produce all our Copperfox models. The archive includes samples of "Regular Run" CF models, Prize CF models and Special Event CF models, in addition to the first crowdfunding/kickstarter models. It also includes the original prototypes for each model produced at our factory (e.g models sent to the factory and what from the plastic samples were created from).

Our aim is for the majority of the archives to go with the company, if it is re-homed, as it is an unrivaled model horse collection of CF history showing it's journey from the beginning to where it is now. It is however a very large collection of models, bearing in mind that for every Copperfox model (RR, Prize or SR) we produced 2 to 3 sample models to ensure the model was correct before production went into full swing.

We will be thinning down the archives, reserving at least one of each model to stay in the main archive collection, with the excess amount of models becoming available to purchase and re-homed with Copperfox Collectors. These models will be auctioned via eBay to ensure everyone has a fair opportunity to purchase them. We will let everyone know when these auctions go live via our website and social media channels, so please keep an eye out. We anticipate this to be around the end of August/Early September as it will take us some time to catalogue and photograph everything.

Also, the Copperfox website will be online until at least the end of September 2018. The link to the online shop has been removed from the website, simply because there is nothing left in the shop to buy, but everything else on the website is as normal.

Thank you again everyone for your support.

- Becky and Sharon