Copperfox is coming to the USA!

You should know with us by now that things can change overnight. One minute it's off and then a minute later it's on!! Being a small family firm, we are flexible enough to adapt and change to situations as they happen, and to also grab opportunities with both hands and simply run with them when they appear. This is what has happened recently and we can now officially say, with much excitement, that we will be visiting Lexington, Kentucky in July!!! (cue the ticker tape, fireworks and clinking of glasses!!). Wahey!

That's right, Copperfox Model Horses is coming to Lexington to join the model horse festivities. A huge thank you to Dana for making it all possible.- thank you, thank you, thank you! We'll be making the the Clarion our home from home from the 21st July until the 24th July 2016 and will be bringing along the herd for you to see in person.

Sadly we can't bring loads of Copperfox models with us but are of the view that it's best to have something and attend, rather than nothing and not attend at all. We will be bringing a sample of the complete herd (all 11 models), so you will be able to see, touch, play with them, in addition to some other Copperfox goodies and hopefully regular run models. As to who and how many is something we are working out at the moment and will be a surprise for both you and us as to who comes!!

So please come and visit us, and say hello. It's the best time to come and see the models, meet us in person, to ask all those questions and queries, give suggestions and ideas for the future and just be involved. You never know what could happen out of a conversation..!

I'm really looking forward to meeting you all and hearing what you think of our models in person very soon. I'll be sure to let you know our room number and all the details as soon as they are finalised. As a starting point, where did I put all those pony passports...?

- Becky ;-)