Copperfox Jasper Glossy & Matt Pictures

Jasper is part of our latest collection of Copperfox Models to be released. Jasper is a light buckskin, with a black mane and tail, four white stockings and a wide blaze, complete with a pink nose. He is a ray of sunshine on an Autumnal or Fall day!

The run of Jasper has been created in both Glossy and Matt Finishes, with each version being limited to 150 pieces (300 in total). Pictures of both variations of Jasper can be found below.

Jasper will be available to pre-order, directly from our Copperfox shop, on the 2nd December 2017 at 6pm (London Time).

The complete run of 300 models is being shared between all our sales channels. Some will be available from Copperfox directly, on the date and time as above, in addition to through our Copperfox outlets which include our US based retailer Triple Mountain Model Horses. Selected Copperfox Ambassadors will also have some models available.

Glossy Jasper Pictures:

Matt Gibson Pictures: