Copperfox Kent Tour Stop

We had an amazing time at our Copperfox Kent Tour Stop yesterday. It was one of our closer to home events for us, just a hop over the Thames, although it did involve a 4am start which resulted in a dawn picture of the (deserted) QE2 bridge!!

We had a fabulous time at the event, catching up with old friends (where has the time gone?!!) and meeting many new ones. It was great to see a mixture of abilities enter our mini live show, from total newcomers to more seasoned entrants, all having fun with their models. It was wonderful to talk to everyone about our models and to talk about the future and all it's possibilities. I still like the idea of creating a chocolate Copperfox model so will have to investigate! (Imagine a chocolate easter egg but in the shape of a Copperfox model!!). A Copperfox Hullabaloo (Copperfoxfest?) will certainly be on the cards for the future. :-)

Here are some of my favourite images from the event:


We're always amazed at the creative entries in our Performance classes. This entry was depicting a game called the "Toilet Paper Race". Each rider holds one end of the toilet paper and rider together around a set course. The aim is to complete the course without ripping the paper.

The scene class is always popular, when everyones creativity can really run wild! This was one of the entries in yesterdays class, crammed with lots of details and items replicated in miniature. Can you find the little mouse?

A little piece of Copperfox also came along to join in the fun! This is "Llwynog Gwyn" who was one of 5 models created as test runs back in 2015. The 5 models now live with Founding Foxes who supported our Crowdfunding campaign.

A fabulous entry in our Fancy Dress Class- so much imagination put into each entry! This is the horse mummy entry. The text reads: "Long ago in ancient Egypt, the most powerful pharaoh of the horses ruled. One night a snake bit his front left hoof. He died in the night. Legend has it that he searches for the culprit who unleashed the snake that bit him".

Congratulations again to our overall Reserve and Supreme champions, Curtis and Catherine. Their winning models were absolutely gorgeous!

A special Congratulations also must go to a very lucky young lady who won both raffle models! It was her first live show and Teresa bought £10 worth of tickets for the raffle, and won both the glossy Sovereign and Loughnatousa Fabio models!! A fairytale come true! :-)

- Becky