Copperfox Northamptonshire Tour Stop

We've had an amazing weekend, last week, hosting back to back tour events in Northampton and Shropshire. The first, Northamptonshire, was held on the Saturday and we had an amazing time!  It was wonderful to meet you all and put many faces to names from over the years, as well as catch up with old friends and new ones. It was fantastic to share our Copperfox herd with you, in addition to hearing your thoughts, comments and feedback to help with future plans. Stay tuned for those plans going into action very soon!

Here are some of my favourite pictures from the event:

Our performance section in our live show always sees so many different equestrian disciplines. When you think you can't name another equestrian sport, once appears in the showring! This show jumping entry was fabulous! There was so much detail in one setup, from the rubber bell boots to the matching logos on the saddle pad and fly bonnet.

Getting ready for judging. Here you can see all the different entries in our "Other Performance" class. Can you spot the little fox in one of the entries?

Our live show features a scene class and this entry stole the show! A Breyer shop complete with mini models and boxes!

A quick snap of the Native British Breed class, with many Copperfoxes strutting their stuff, including this Founding Fox Buckskin Welsh. I judged the non Copperfox models (no risk of being bias that way!) and a big thank you to Wendy to judging the Copperfoxes. I think you had the harder task than me!

We have some amazing customisers here in the UK and love to give out shoutouts as and when we can. This is the work of Charmain Newman of Little Beaver studio. There is so much detail crammed into this model, it makes your eyes go square! Simply breathtaking!

A quick snap from the In-Hand Championship and the huge variety of models in the running- Copperfoxes, Breyer, Stone, Customs. You can never say there is no variety in the world of model horses!!

- Becky