Copperfox Pre Order Update & New Orders

Warehouse cleared. Check. Packing tape guns loaded. Check. Boxes at the ready. Check. We're eagerly awaiting the arrival of our delivery which is scheduled to be settled into our warehouse by Friday (4th June) this week. Like you, we are a little eager for it's arrival as we are keen to get all our horses rehomed with their new owners. At the moment, the shipment is being held hostage in customs (boo hiss!) and we hope to have the green light of it being cleared imminently (yay!). Of course as soon as I hear the good news, I will let you all know- and then we can all get very excited together!

As briefly mentioned before, orders will be despatched in number order and we will obviously endeavor to get all the orders galloping to their new homes as swiftly as possible. It will take a little while though, so please bare with us, as each model needs to be inspected before it's despatched, just to double, double check. As you can imagine, that's quite a few boxes we need to open and check.

When your order is despatched, we will send you an email to confirm it's on the way, together with the tracking number of the box (or boxes) and all details of how to keep an eye on their progress. We'll also be tracking everything from this end, so we'll be model horse mission control for a few weeks.

So that is the really good news, and like every ying to yang, we have some not so good news. Well, it's not really bad news, it's actually A-M-A-Z-I-N-G news for us, but I feel that it might not be the favorable news for some, which I totally understand. The shipment arriving this week is completely sold out, with every model being allocated to someone or an event. We priority shipped all these models, ahead of the balance of the rest of the runs, to ensure we met our original shipping target. Our factory works very slowly compared to others- we average just 40 models a day due to the amount of time needed to create a model and the number of processes- and rather than wait until everything was finished, we shipped enough to cover all pre-orders, that were placed before a certain date.

This is why any orders that were placed after the 23rd May 2016 will not be despatched until Early July, when our next shipment of models arrives. Luckily it's not as long a wait as before, but I wanted to make everyone aware of the delay.

I guess what I would like to say too is that if you would like a Copperfox Model I would recommend placing your order sooner rather than later to ensure you get the model you would like. I don't want anyone to be disappointed but popular models are galloping out fast! Any orders placed now will be shipped in July. After our July shipment arrives and is rehomed, it will mean that our first collection of models will be officially sold out (which is an absolutely-no-words-to-describe moment!!)

Stay tuned everyone. I will let you know when the shipment has been released and when we have the big green light to go, go, go!

- Becky