Copperfox Pre Orders

The Copperfox Herd looking gorgeous in the sunshine

News on a Friday is always the best news, especially when it's news that's about Copperfox Models! Our shipment from our factory is due to arrive in the UK late next week- cue a big hooray, much excitement and lots of smiles! :-) :-) After it arrives, it will need to clear customs and have one more journey on a (massive) truck to our warehouse, so timing wise it will be with us around the Wednesday 1st/Thursday 2nd June, when we finally will get to open those brown boxes and get our hands on all those Copperfoxes! It's going to be a busy week, that week, as on the Monday (30th May) we have our Cumbria tour stop too! Of course I keep you updated of all the exact timings of everything as soon as I know them myself but talking generally, those are the dates we are looking at.

So, good news! This shipment contains lots and lots of lovely models and therefore all online pre-orders will start to ship as soon as the stock arrives. I better warn the post office of the impending mountain of boxes! We will ship them in number order and will obviously endeavour to get all the orders galloping to their new homes as swiftly as possible. It will take a little while though, as each model needs to be inspected again, before it's despatched, just to double, double check- and we also need to give the models a little hay, hard feed and water before their next journey (!).

As and when orders are despatched, we will send you an email to confirm your order is on the way together with the tracking number of the box (or boxes) and all details of how to keep an eye on their progress. We'll also be tracking everything from this end, so we'll be model horse mission control for a few weeks.

So, there you are. Exciting news to end this week. See, the best news always happens on a Friday! :-)

Have a great weekend everyone. Keep an eye on our social media channels over the weekend as we've got our CF Essex Tour stop tomorrow and it's set to be a corker!! The whole CF team will be there as well as many old friends and new ones. Can't wait!!

- Becky