Copperfox Resins & Mini Copperfoxes

Our upcoming resin range of models will be available directly from Copperfox (for UK customers) and Seunta (for rest of the world) later this month on the 30th June 2018 (time to be advised) so don’t forget to mark this important date in your diary! Prices are still being pinned down but as a rough guide, Winston our 1:9th scale Shire will be $200/£150 and Scamp, our 1:9th scale Part Bred Shetland Pony $125/£85. Shipping prices will vary depending on your location

The Mini Copperfoxes, a collection of 6 mini resins, will be $75- $95 through Seunta and £50-£59 from Copperfox. All of the Copperfox moulds will be available in mini form. The mini Welsh, Connemara, Exmoor and Irish Sports Horse "Coppercubs" (thank you everyone for your naming suggestions!) will be available at the end of this month, on the 30th June, and they will be joined by mini versions of our new Shire and Part Bred Shetland Pony moulds in late July.

Scroll down for lots of pictures of all of upcoming resin releases!

 Mini Copperfoxes!

Mini Copperfoxes!

Copperfox Winston:

Sculpted by the phenomenal Kelly Savage, the British talent behind our Welsh Cob mould, Winston captures the pure power, strength and presence of the Shire Horse breed as well their gentleness, nobility and grace they are known for too.

Winston measures 36cm long x 24cm high x 10cm wide.

Copperfox Scamp:

Meet the newest member of the Copperfox Herd! Scamp, our 1:9th scale part bred pony. Scamp captures the mischief, intelligence and cheekiness of our smaller British pony breeds, which include the Shetland Pony and British Spotted pony. His name even takes into account his mischief-maker personality. It means: "someone, who is mischievous in a likeable or amusing way”.

Scamp measures 23cm long x 14cm high x 6cm wide.