Copperfox Rupert and Toby: Pre-Order them NEXT WEEK!

Next week, our two new models Copperfox Rupert and Toby will be available to pre-order. Yipppppeeeee! Copperfox Rupert is our rich chestnut Welsh Cob and Toby is our dapple grey Irish Sports Horse. To find out more about them both, please scroll down or visit our website here.

Both models will be available to pre order through the Copperfox Website on the 2nd August 2017 at 2pm (London Time). Set a reminder, save the date, put a note on the fridge! Remember the day!

Rupert and Toby will also be available to pre-order from US based model horse retailer Triple Mountain Model Horses on the 2nd August 2017 at 2pm (Eastern Time).

Both models are limited in number. Copperfox Rupert is limited to 150 models in matt finish; 150 in gloss finish. Copperfox Toby is limited to 200 models in matt finish; 200 in gloss finish. Once the models sell out, they are not reproduced or the stock replenished. Once they are gone, they are gone, so we would recommend to pre-order your models on the 2nd August if you really would love to own one of these fabulous models! Models are due to gallop to new homes towards the end of August.

Don't forget! Save the Date! The 2nd August 2017. It will come around quick!!

- Becky