Copperfox Scene Box- Underway!!

Remember a few weeks back I posted a note about how I was going to create 3 x Scene Boxes (read it here if not)? Well, the good news is that we are finally underway!

I started on the stable scene box which is going to feature a stall, wooden paneling, some ornate posts and of course, as you do, some working chandeliers. I've been a bit inspired by the amazing stables and buildings on our Pinterest board. They are extremely opulent and ornate.

To start with, I painting the inside of the crate completely white. Not only does this help achieve the look I'm aiming for- the ceiling is going to be white- it also helps me to see what lumps and bumps are in the woodwork and whether they needed to be smoothed or attended to.

Once dry, I added some brick effect paper. You can find these sort of effect papers at Dolls Houses stores and Hobby shops. There is lots of variety, colours and textures. You are almost spoilt for choice! They are designed to grace Dolls House walls but do perfectly well on model horse ones too! To attach the paper to the wood, a good layer of PVA glue and some cookbooks laid onto the surface to keep it wonderfully flat did the trick! :)

After the walls came the floor, which again the Dolls House Wallpaper (or floorpaper?) came to the rescue. I really like the flagstone effect paper which i thought would go really well with the wood and brickwork. Again, a bit of PVA glue, some heavy cookbooks and it attaches itself a treat!! Now it's starting to look like something!!

For the wood paneling around the walls (the white area in the picture above), I have chosen to use lolly sticks, which are available in big packs from most craft shops. There are various widths available and I went with the ones that are larger than the usual "ice lolly" width, around 4cm wide. To give them a bit more texture and to bring out the grain of the wood in each stick, I brushed a coat of linseed oil onto each one and left them to dry before cutting to shape. It's wonderful stuff linseed; it does wonders to wood!

Now to the fun (if messy bit!!), gluing the wood onto the wood, which does sound quite easy- and luckily it is! I used PVA (again; it's my favourite), together with the cook book method of keeping everything in place whilst it dries.

Here is a quick snap of the first stick, ahem, wood panel going into place:

After a good 24hours drying, this is the back panelled section of the wall complete (below). The sides are still left to do but it's starting to take shape! I've added a piece of shaped dowel to the bottom of each wall, to mimic a kickboard as found in most stables.

If you're like me you re someone that likes to see what a project could look like when your working on it, I laid a few of the other componants in situ, which I'm going to add to the stable in future steps. They are not glued or anything, I just wanted to get a feel for what it's going to look like. And dare I say it, I'm quite pleased!! It's going to look goooooood. :-)

Catch up soon with the next stages of the Copperfox Scene Stable Box (it needs a catchy name!!)

- Becky