Copperfox Seconds: Meet the B Team

Have you seen our new collection of models, the Copperfox Seconds? They've been hiding on our website for the last couple of weeks but now we can unveil them officially! I would like to introduce to you our Copperfox Seconds, a selection of models that can be used as shelf models or as canvases to create your own unique customised model.

I know, you're a little confused. What are Copperfox Seconds exactly? In a quick sentence, our Copperfox seconds are models that have something not quite right with them (well, in our eyes anyway!!). They are all painted and finished like our Copperfox Limited Edition Models but seconds have some things that prevent it from making our first team, so to speak, be it shiny marks or simply the incorrect painting of a face or leg marking. Copperfox Seconds are our B team models. Small things that mean these models are looking for new homes, either as a shelf companion to other models in your collection or to be transformed into something new.

Like our Blank Canvas models, which came from our first big production run, our Copperfox Seconds models have come from subsequent runs and have been put aside during our personal inspection of each and every model (yes, I've looked at every single model!). I hate to waste models, so rather than simply discard these models, which are good model wise, we took inspiration from other companies that sold seconds and are offering them for sale. It seemed right to give them the chance of a new lease of life and option of becoming something new rather than scrapping them. Unlike Copperfox Blank Canvases which were painted white, Copperfox Seconds are offered as they are, so you have more options with what to do with them. There are multiple customization options from etching to pastelling, painting to totally transforming them, they are a canvas on which a new model can be created. New Owners of Copperfox seconds have mentioned that they are going to re-hair some of them which sounds very exciting! It will be great to see them with a "real" looking mane and tail.  I'm really looking forward to seeing the first etched model too.

As another idea for the models, our Copperfox Seconds will happily trot onto a shelf as part of a growing model horse collection, keeping your other models company. They could be used for model horse photography or even photo showing too, come to think of it.

What models are available as seconds?
There are seconds available of nearly all the past Copperfox Models, including Sovereign, Lakeview Knight and Finnigan who are sold out. Unlike their Limited Edition twins, Copperfox Seconds do not come with any certification. They also have the inscription: "CF Second 2017" on their belly to identify them.

What condition are the seconds?
The theme among all Copperfox Seconds is that they have rub marks on their bellies or bottoms. When you visit the Copperfox Seconds section on our website, click on the model you are interested in and on the left hand side is the gallery of pictures. In this gallery are examples of that particular model and what marks/problems those Copperfox Second Models have. I must point out that No Copperfox Second has any major faults like missing paint, paint problems or missing body parts (!). They are just models that are not quite the same as their brothers or sisters.

Will they always be available?
Copperfox Seconds are limited in quantity; they are not a stock item and are a result of a huge learning curve (read our blog for how huge a curve). There are a selected number of each colour, from each mould, and once these colours are sold out, they will not come back into stock.

Boxed or Unboxed?
One important thing to mention about Copperfox Seconds is that they are available boxed or unboxed. Shipping models unboxed, increares the amount of models you can get into a box, which when shipping overseas is very, very important. Unboxed Copperfox Second Models are sent safely cocooned within bubblewrap rather than our Union Jack boxes. This means that when multiple unboxed models are purchased together, it reduces the postage cost per model, enabling two unboxed Copperfox second models to be shipped for the same price as one boxed Copperfox Second model. Clever huh?

Trot on over to our Copperfox Seconds section of our website to see what models are available and see who you can give a home too.

- Becky :)