Copperfox UK Tour Update

Wow! What a 24 hours it has been!!  Yesterdays blog post created lots of talk about our tour events, with lots of feedback and comments being mentioned, posted, shared and suggested. It was exhausting keeping up with it all!! It was great to hear what you think, both positive and negative, and we appreciate everyone taking their time in getting in touch, so thank you! :-)

I wanted to let you know more details about the UK events as there is some incorrect information floating around, and rather than it snowball into something completely inaccurate it would be best to set everything straight in addition to giving you a better view of what to expect and how you can be part of it.

2016 sees Copperfox embark on a UK tour, stopping at 9 different locations, in 9 counties- Yorkshire, Shropshire, Wiltshire, Devon, Stirling, Kent, Essex, Northamptonshire and Northumberland. Each tour stop will feature two different options for those wishing to attend so you can choose which one you prefer and what works for you. There are two main options:

Tickets enable you to get the most out of our event(s). They feature a painting workshop and mini live show for those would wish to book into having a complete model horse day, in addition to receiving other goodies and benefits. The features of the ticketed event to meet and join with other like-minded people of all ages and abilities to enjoy the model horse hobby. The day is all about having fun with your model horses! Our tour events are not available anywhere else and are a completely unique experience day.

Participants tickets will be limited in number and will vary in quantity from venue to venue, depending on their capacity. These details will be available when tickets go on sale (on the 11th January 2016). For those wishing to accompany someone who wants to take part in the day, a limited number of Spectator tickets will also be available at each stop for a small, nominal fee to cover lunch. Again, these will be limited and will be influenced by the capacity of the venues.

Free Entry:
In the afternoon, whilst the live show is running, there will be a chance for anyone to visit the tour event to come and see our herd of Copperfox models, and purchase one (or two!). There is no cost for this. We will however ask you to register for a free ticket (i know a bit back to front!) so we know who is coming to each event and to calculate the number of models we need to bring, so there is enough for everyone. We will also get in touch closer to the event date to ask if there is a specific model you would like and make sure it is at the event for you. Free entry tickets cannot participate in the painting workshop, live show, nor have access to other benefits that paid tickets have (the exception to this is Founding Foxes- please see the FAQs below).

So what's the tour all about?
The idea behind our tour events is us meeting you and you meeting us and our herd of models as well bringing people together to share their passion of model horses. It's always good to see things in person and to put names to faces (we are real i promise!!) and that feeling of meeting a new friend that shares the same interest is indescribable. I think it has a sound like "Oooooo!!". The way we achieve this goal is by hosting themed events to bring people together to have fun, share experience, knowledge, learn something new and to meet new (and old) friends. Knowing someone through the world of email and social media is one thing but meeting them face-to-face is another.

In all the talk of our events and a bit off topic, one thing that i has concerned me to read is that some people assume that our models are only for certain people. I wanted to state that our Copperfox models are for everyone. There is no person to whom they are or not for. There is no predefined box for who an owner of a Copperfox is nor what they should be like. Copperfox exists to create models of breeds of horses and ponies of the British Isles for people worldwide to enjoy. It’s as simple as that. You do not have to be in a particular "box" to be able to have one. Anyone and everyone can be a proud Copperfox owner! :-)

Gosh, that is enough writing for today. I hope this helps to explain what our events are about and how you can be involved in them. I’ve also put together a few answers to Frequently Asked Questions which i hope will help to answer any queries you may have. If you have a question that is not answered here, please let me know and i’ll do my best to help with a swift answer (and/or find out if it's a really puzzling question!!).

I look forward to meeting you all at one of our tour stops very soon and personally showing you our herd of Copperfoxes. You are going to LOVE them!!

- Becky

Q: What is included in a ticket to a CF Tour Event?
Ans: It’s quite a feature list. Each ticket includes: Painting Workshop (all materials provided), Mini Live Show (with rosettes and ribbons), Lunch and Refreshments, New CF Fox model, CF Tour Pin Badge, the chance to purchase the CF Tour Model, 10% off any CF Model and Merchandise as well as other fun and games during the day. All you need to bring is yourself and your models, and we will do the rest.

Q: I’m a Founding Fox. Do I get anything?
Ans: We are indebted to our Founding Foxes for helping to get Copperfox Model Horses off the ground and therefore we would like to extend the offer that any Founding Fox can purchase any Copperfox Model at a tour event with a 10% discount off retail prices.

Q: I’ve heard that your tour stops are just for Newcomers. Is this true?
Ans: Our events are open to anyone and everyone, of any age, level or ability. The event is not specifically for a certain type of person nor level. It is open to all. Each tour event is hosted in a relaxed and fun atmosphere and the tone of the day reflects this. There will be guidance for people who haven’t shown before. There will be help for those who have never painted before. It is about everyone being part of a day revolving around model horses, learning new things and sharing that passion together.

Q: Can I show my resin in the live show?
Ans: Due to squeezing as much as we can into our feature packed day, our mini show has a small list of classes and no divisions. This is why we ask entrants to limit the number of models they can bring, the type and entry number, to enable it fair competition for all involved.  For example, an artist resin competing against a Schleich in the same class is not exactly fair. All types of Original Finish models can be shown in the live show (Breyer, Stone, Copperfox, Schleich, Papo etc) in addition to any model that you have painted or customised yourself.

Q: I have registered for a free ticket to come and see the models in the afternoon. Can I buy Bertie, the CF tour model?
Ans: A popular question! There are a certain number of tour models available at each event. The run of models has been split equally over our 9 events. Ticketed participants will have first option on these models, and any that remain unsold at that event will be available to those with free tickets. There is however no guarantee that tour models will be available to those with free tickets nor can we say which event will have them and which will not.

Q: Can I buy your new fox model?
Ans: Our new fox model is included in all paid tickets and he will be available to purchase by free ticket holders. He will not be available to buy online at this time.

Q: Are tickets available on the day?
Ans: No. There are no tickets available at any tour events on the day or at the door. All tickets, both paid and free options, need to be booked in advance and all ticket options are limited.

Q: When do tickets, both paid and free options, go on sale?
Ans: The 11th January 2016 at 12 noon. Pencil it in your diary ready!!

Q: I'm hosting a live show in 2016. Can you come with a Copperfox stand?
Ans: We would LOVE to come! Please drop us a note (or email us) with the details of the show (date, location etc) and if our diary is free we will do our best to come.