Copperfox UK Tour Tickets Now Available

What better way to kick off a new year with something to look forward to! Today is the day and it's official! Tickets to all of our UK Tour Events are on sale now! Gallop on over to our shop to purchase tickets- click here.

You may notice some difference in these tickets to those we mentioned previously last year (okay, a few weeks ago but technically last year!!). Where are the £35 all day tickets we spoke about? Well, the truth is that they have gone (poof!) and have been replaced by two different tickets.

So what does this mean? Is it still the same? What's happening?

The good news is everything is near enough the same. We have just rejuggled the way in which tickets are sold and what is included in each ticket.

There are now two types of tickets available for each tour stop. One is priced at £10 and the other is FREEEEEEE!.

The £10 ticket is to be able to participate in the mornings feature of each tour event, which is a mini live show. A fun and informative live show that features 22 classes of Performance, In-Hand and Mixed classes with rosettes and ribbons being awarded in each and a Supreme Champion being crowned. The show is run in a relaxed format, so a perfect introduction to those who have never shown model horses before or a fun live show for more seasoned entrants. For the complete beginners, we will show you what live showing is all about, how they are judged and how to enter your models as the best way to learn is to have a jump in and have a go! In addition to the live show, this ticket also enables you to have 10% off all CF models and merchandise, and have first choice of all the models.

The free ticket is a chance for everyone to come see our new models as well as participate in an optional free model horse painting workshop. Free ticket holders also get 10% off all CF models and merchandise.

So what is missing from the current £10 paid ticket compared to the original £35 one? The simple answer is all the goodies and the dedicated creative workshop (we had planned a tack making one in addition to a painting activity). All the goodies that would have been included in the ticket price (i.e the fox model, lunch, goody bag, extra bits and bobs) have been taken out, so in a funny way the £10 ticket is like a diet version of our original intended ticket. BUT, the good news is that most of things that would have been included will still be available to purchase at each event- if you would like one of course! The painting workshop is still available in the afternoon, again as a diet version, and for this we ask you to bring along a little model of your choice.

These changes have been made after the feedback we received to our original proposal for the tour events. We do listen to what you think, your suggestions and comments, the good, bad and the uncomfortable, and tailor our plans accordingly. As Bill Gates rightly said: "We all need people who give us feedback. That's how we improve". We do hope that these changes are more favorable to everyone and hope to see you all at a tour event very soon. The models are extremely excited to meet you all!

Please remember that places at our live show are limited so please get your tickets as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. Our shop, where the tickets can be found, is on our website here:

See you all soon!
Becky :)