Copperfox US Tour Stop 2017: Lexington, KY

 The Copperfox Herd at the CHIN last year (2016)

The Copperfox Herd at the CHIN last year (2016)

June is already here with July just around the corner, which means it's that time of the year where the Copperfox herd and the team, take a hop, skip and a jump over the pond to attend the model horse festivities in Lexington, KY.

We are really excited to attend this year, and as promised this time, we're coming prepared!! So, hold on to your hats. Here are the important details of our trip, what we will be bringing with us and where you can find us.

Our home from home and the Copperfox pop-up shop will be in the Clarion Hotel (aka the CHIN) in Room 330. The 300 rooms are located just off the entrance, up some steps, a bit of a wiggle left and right, and then you'll find us. Hahaha! It's a bit of a maze! Just look for our posters, Union Jacks and Copperfox boxes, and then you'll find us!!

We arrive on Wednesday (12th July) and our room will be open for shopping and perusing on the Thursday through until Sunday 16th July 2017.  We'll be there with the Copperfox herd and welcome anyone and everyone to come visit. It'll be good to see you all again :)

So what goodies are coming with me this time? The quick answer is as much as we can. Basically any Copperfox Model that is not re-homed by the time July rolls around will be making the trip with us. I better pack plenty of carrots and sugar lumps!!

We aiming for around 150 limited edition Copperfox models to accompany us, each in their Union Jack boxing with all their certification and paperwork. On the seconds front, we're hoping to organise 300 models to join us. These models will travel out of boxes to ensure that we can bring a good number. Models like Bailey, Bertie, Lakeview Knight, Cadno, Marble, Trifle, Henrietta, Percival (both matt and glossy), as well as a few Superman (or should that be Supermen?). In addition to Seconds, we'll also have some Blank Canvas models available, on all four moulds, so if you would like to have a go at customising a Copperfox Model, do pop in to get your body!

Other items coming for the trip too include some Copperfox Merchandise- hoodies, tee shirts, scarfs and pins. We'll be hosting FREE giveaways and raffles for Glossy Copperfox models (like Sovereign, Finnigan and Superman), so please come and enter for the chance to win them. We'll have a different model looking for a new owner on each day.

It's quite the selection of goodies- and to top it all off, we will be bringing a sample of the two upcoming colours that will join the Copperfox Herd in August.

We look forward to seeing you all very soon! Please do come and find us and the Copperfox Herd in Room 330 at the Clarion during the 12th-16th July. Come and see the models, let us know your thoughts, ideas, comments, suggestions- anything and everything. The only way we improve and grow is through your feedback.