Copperfox 10 Day Challenge

Back in at the beginning of February we posted details of our 10 day Challenge. It was 10 Days, 10 Different themed activities that challenged individuals to try something new, discover more and broaden their horizons, all with a model horse theme. We had great fun taking part and also seeing everyone's pictures and posts from each of the days (they were so creative it was amazing!).

Since we completed the challenge, I've discovered that people are still doing the challenge, at their own pace, and blogging, posting and pinning about each of the days on their blogs, facebook pages and other social sites. I have to admit I did say a little "yipeeee!" when I found these sites; it's always exciting to find pictures of Copperfox Models or comments about them on other sites. :-)

Here are some blogs that have been doing the challenge. Do gallop on over to each one to read about their experiences of the challenges.


Desktop Stables:

Misty Star Studios:


In light of the above, I thought it would be best to post an official page to the Copperfox 10 Day Challenge which anyone can have a go at, at any time. Below are the challenges, along with a little description about how to tackle each one.

Have fun taking part and don't forget to let us know how you get on. We would love to see, hear and read about your experience(s).

- Becky

Copperfox 10 Day Challenge:

Day 1:  Inspiration Day (#CDCDay1)
An easy start to our challenge! Find something that inspires you. It could be a picture of an unusual colour of horse that you would like to turn into a model, a how-to tutorial video or a piece in your favourite magazine about collecting things that you love. Or it could be a song, film, piece of poetry- whatever it is, find something that gets your creativity going!

Day 2:  Name your model or barn (#CDCDay2)
Have a go at naming the most recent addition to your herd by giving them a show name, stable name and pet name. As further ideas, why not do the same for your barn or stable yard and then make a barn tour video?

Day 3:    Be a Model Horse (#CDCday3)
Imagine yourself as a model horse. What colour would you be? What mould would you be created on? What scale?

Day 4:   Your Favourite Model Horse Picture (#CDCday4)
What is your most favourite model horse picture? Maybe you already have one or maybe you can create a new one?

Day 5:   Create something for your models or try a new skill (#CDCDay6)
The model horse hobby is full of things to create bothfor your models or using your models. Today's the day to be brave and have a go at creating that jump for your models or to have a go at painting your horses hooves.

Day 6:   Find a new artist/sculptor/tackmaker that you don't already know about (#CDCday5)
Today's challenge is about finding something new. Trot onto the Internet and find the work of a new artist, sculptor, tack maker, hobbyist- anyone within the model horse hobby that you don't know about... yet!

Day 7:   Share your favourite piece in your model horse collection (#CDCDay7)
What is that piece in your collection that you would never part with? It is the first model you owned, a customised model or a piece of hand crafted tack?

Day 8:   Join a Model Horse Group, Forum or Club (#CDCDay8)
There are so many fabulous groups, forums and clubs out there both online and offline to join, all over the world. Joining a group (or forum or club) is a way to chat to other like minded individuals about your models, to share ideas and be part of the community that has the same interest as you.

Day 9:   Plan to go to a live show or enter a photo show (#CDCDay9)
A bigger challenge for today! Find out what live shows are in your area and plan to attend one. Live Show is one of the best parts of the model horse hobby and the best way to experience them is to have a go. Alternatively, find a photo show online and enter a picture.

Day 10:   Imagine a story or create a character (#CDCDay10)
If your model horses came to life, what would they do? What adventures would they go on? Pick one of your models and create a mini story, storyboard/comic or images of your models as real life horses, characters or personalities.

How to get involved:
It's simple! Start the challenge whenever you wish and each day complete a different challenge. Interpret the challenge in any way you would like (for example, for day 1 you could share your most inspirational model horse blog). Remember it is supposed to be fun, so please do not worry if you miss a day, want to skip a challenge or do one twice. It's all about having fun with your models, learning something new and sharing our experiences.

If you want to share a picture, review or video of your experience of that challenge, simply use the hashtag alongside each day (for example for Day 2 the hashtag is #CFCday2). We will monitor these hashtags and share pictures/videos/reviews of your challenges across our social media channels. Lots of sharing going on :)

Challenge Disclaimer (the boring bit):
This challenge is fun and everyone who takes part is responsible for their own welfare, safely and wellbeing. For example, if trying a new skill on Day 6, please be careful with scissors. Copperfox Models has no responsibility for individuals in any shape or form. Sorry to be boring, but just have to mention these sorts of things!