Copperfox Autumn Tour 2016

Morning All,
Some exciting news for this week!! Our Copperfox Autumn Tour Events have now been officially announced, with 8 tour stops running between September to December 2016. Tickets for each event can be found in our webshop here.

Our Autumn tour sees Copperfox travelling to different places (well, nearly!) than our Spring/Summer tour, visiting parts of the country we haven't explored. Here is the list of dates and counties of each stop:

Copperfox Autumn Tour 2016:
10th September 2016: Haslington, Cheshire
11th September 2016: Bagworth, Leicestershire
18th September 2016: Hexham, Northumberland
8th October 2016: Tadley, Hampshire
12th November 2016: Harrogate, Yorkshire
13th November 2016: Peterborough, Cambridgeshire
17th December 2016: Pontypool, Wales
18th December 2016: Drayton, Oxfordshire

Below is a map with the (rough) locations of all our 2016 tour events, both future and past. The brown circle ones are our upcoming tour stops whereas the white circles (with the fox inside) are our past ones. As you can see, we do get all around the country! One day we hope to make it over to Northern Ireland and up to the Scottish Highlands.

Our tour stop events are about everyone getting together and sharing their love of model horses whether it through learning new things at a workshop or showing your models at the live show. Everyone young and old has something in common, and at the Copperfox Tour people has the chance to meet new friends, try something new and learn more about the model horse hobby.

Each tour stop features a mini live show, which is open to all levels and abilities, with ribbons and rosettes being awarded. The afternoon is chance to try something new in our workshops aswell as for everyone to come see our new models. Tickets are priced at £15.00 per participant with limited tickets available at each tour stop (around 25/30 spaces).

Do trot on over to our webshop to snag your place before they all go; our last tour events were extremely popular! Then you can look forward to joining in the fun very soon!! :)

- Becky